Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Widgets Special Quilt

Today I finished Widgets Special Quilt
made from favourite clothes worn in his first year....

His little first size bootie shoes
(a pattern my Granny used, and my Mom, and these were made by me..)

Pockets from Thomas Tank shorts to hold treasures....

Little Knotted Top Beanie.....

little incy wincy socks...

"I love my Mummy"

tiny treasure pocket.....

This quilt is his only.......

A collar from a size 0000 onesie....
and a favourite T shirt!

"Stitched with Love by Nana 2010"
{Very unclear picture}

Widget seems to like it.....
Great for wrapping up on cold days....

Great for just chillin' on ......

Now to get the clothes from his UK cousins so I can do theirs......



  1. that is just fantastic! What a great job.
    He looks very happy snuggled in his blanket.

  2. Oh that is just gorgeous. Too late to make for my Granndies but will keep it in mind for the next wee one in the family..

  3. So beautiful, what a precious keepsake for your grandson.

  4. That is will get orders from all the family now hahaha. you're very clever..
    I should do something like that for Danae:)
    I didn't quilt when my older kids were small or scrapbooking so Danae seems to be getting it all lol.....oh well just wait till my kids make me a nanny...their kids will have quilts and dolls coming out their ears

  5. What a terrific idea and he sure looks comfortable wrapped in his new blanket .Great job!

  6. How wonderful and special! I wasn't a quilter back when my son was little and now have none of his baby clothing. You had a great idea for a keepsake, looks like he loves it! :)

  7. What a wonderful fantastic idea... I have never thought of doing anything like that before... I have done memory quilts with photo's and I have seen quilts using t-shirts but your idea of their first yr is just wonderful... and the receiver approves xxxx

  8. bubz...what an awesome idea for a quilt....I love it....looks like you little man does as well....

  9. That is just the cutest clever!!

  10. Kismet! I've been trying to work out how to tackle PRECISELY the same thing. There are a lot of grown-out of clothes in those cupboards of mine...

  11. That is precious, Fiona!! What a wonderful heirloom to keep and pass down. :-)

  12. What a fabulous idea. I just love it.

  13. What an amazing, special quilt you have created. I absolutely LOVE it.


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