Friday, August 13, 2010

Rows, Toes and Stranglers

Northern Queensland - a little spot of paradise......

of SugarCane

of Eucalyptus:

of Banana's: 

of coffee bushes: 
on the sand:

 In the icy rivers: 

In the sea 

 Strangler Trees
around the rocks:

as a curtain

around other trees:


Where the Rainforest meets the Beach:

Aaaaaaargh......... the battery gave up!!!! 
.................but we really did see some - really cute girls they were too!

It's good to be home.........




Love Bears All Things said...

Beautiful scenery!
Mama Bear

Maria said...

Great pics.

marina said...

What lovely pictures. Those toes definitely got to see some lovely places.

Fee said...

Just lovely - Looks like some beautiful spots...

Cyndi said...

Wonderful post, Fiona! Loved the photos!



Raylee - owner of Sunflower Quilting said...

Hi Fiona,

finally got a chance to have a good look, you are so productive, and your stitching is so neat. It's good to see what others are up to. I love the photos of your area, much better than the houses which are my neighbours, perhaps a pic of Telstra tower would be good. Thanks for the link and comment, I'll have to have another look at chookyblue about photo tutorial. Cheers

Barb said...

You do live in Paradise...just love the pictures!!

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