Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Treasure # 5

Tuesdays are a fun day on Blogland when Clare hosts Tuesday Treasures. 

I enjoy having a look around our home and thinking about what various things mean to me and why.

This week I am sharing a rather cute pair.....

These were sent to me from way up North (UK). 
We have family over there who of course we miss lots and lots....... and these are the sort of things that make me smile!!
(sometimes I even catch them holding hands!!)

They are hanging on the cupboard door handles in the sewing/computer room......
I seem to spend a lot of time in that room these days so they are good company.....
and 'cos they make me smile!!

Then Wednesday is a fun day on Blogland too - 'cos then I go back to Clare's and see what treasures everyone else has shared.

Anybody can join in the fun!  Just pop over HERE

Thanks Clare.....

Hugz from Bubz


  1. I can understand why they make you smile , they are just so darn cute , they make me smile too :-)Don't you just love Tuesdays. Have a great one , it is still Monday here ;-)

  2. They make me smile too. They look like they can get up to some mischief.

  3. I'm still smiling at them ! Thanks so much for playing along !

  4. What a couple of cute oldies. Are they a threat of what is to come?

  5. I can see why they make you smile.

  6. Aren't they just the cutest couple!


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