Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is..........

After a lovely week up North - Hubz ordered home made cake! Yum.....

I have been catching up on the blog reading and getting to know Carol at The Patch Craft who is my FRIENDS swap partner, hosted by Khris.  This is my first swap so it is fun to meet a new friend and I will enjoy thinking up, creating and shopping for her. 

Just before I went I received these lovely fabrics from Bec from Oh Sew Busy who was selling them as they were surplus to her needs.........

It is a panel and Robert Kaufman fabric (including backing) to make this lovely quilt... Bec might even have another spare if you want to check with her......

I have no quilts at home - they all get given away - so this will be for our home - for when we have little visitors!!!

Bec showed her friends lovely Noah's Ark quilt - you can see it HERE.........

Last year we were blessed with Grandie #3 and I used the Noah's Ark pattern from Kookaburra Cottage.  We made a few adjustments cos the little fellow has Zimbabwean and Maori heritage and is Australian by birth..... this is his quilt:

We only changed the centre panel - I added a Kiwi, Whale, Fern (apparently he is going to play for the All Blacks!) - I like lizards and butterflies so they went in too........

I took some stitchery to do on holiday.......... these are from Ella & Skysie Designs (No.251 - Farmyard Animals).  There are wonderful products and this is her blog site HERE.  There is still patches to be sewn on - that's why there is only one eye...

On return from holiday my pattern from Judith at Creative Studio was in the post........... I won it in her July challenge for the Early Birds Christmas gifts and am really looking forward to making it up.

As you can see it is a Lynette Anderson design and the little Hugo button was included....
Really lovely - thanks Judith.............

Better get to work......... hope your weekend is wonderful.



  1. Hi Fiona! Thanks so much for coming by to visit and being a new follower. I look forward to our becoming friends. Just love your quilts. The Noah's ark is just wonderfully cute. And I so want a piece of that yummy cake!

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  2. Love that animal quilt kit! Make a great boys quilt. Your noah's ark quilt is just divine.
    Is the kettle on for a cuppa and cake?
    Well done on your pattern win.

  3. The no quilts at home thing, sounds oh so familiar! I made thirty felt sandwiches recently. Do you think there's a single one (or that I could bear to look at one) in my house?

  4. I just love the ''noah's ark'' and such a good idea to tailor it to the little fella... it is beautiful xxx.... oh and the cake looks so yummo

  5. the cake looks great......lovely mail.........

  6. i really like that customized centre panel in your Noah quilt. I like when people "throw themselves" into their projects. It makes them special! Lovely Fiona!

  7. Looks like you have a lot of projects going on.
    Mama Bear

  8. I'm so pleased you liked the quilt kit, it is gorgeous.
    Love your Noah and Friends quilt, especially with the alterations to the central panel, very creative!


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