Saturday, March 31, 2012

Home Sweet Home .....

The next part of
Home Sweet Home
a free BOM by Melody 

The School

where you learn your spelling ....

and are controlled by time.....

The Penny Rug so far ...........

Still time to join in the fun with this one... the links to each month are in the sidebar at Melody's from The House on the Side of the Hill

I found my 'lost' swap item.... so yesterday I did a bit of free motion quilting on it....

oh sorry... you are tired of seeing that part... want to see more? okay

Righto - Gotta Go.... cake to make .....

Hubz has a birthday
but he is being hoofed out the house to make room for bookclub gals
well not hoofed, it's his choice, I don't know why he doesn't want to stay and chat to us

Just in case you missed it there is some presents to give HERE

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maybe it's late.....

and I am running out of time for my March BOMS

time saving tips please

I have already tried

but still there is not enough time

and now I have lost an item I was making for a swap
so I'll have to start again!

.... but I do have a lovely 2012 Quilters Diary

..... one week a page and loads of beautiful inspiration....

I have been doing my head in making binding .... lovely to have this tool to help..... but 18 metres of black binding.... aaargghhh - this if for trams on a quilt.....

this little girl thought she would help with it!!!!

Isn't she cute... Tinkerbell came and stayed with me for a few days whilst her owners went off to a wedding.... I'm rather missing having her around!

Anyways... back to the diary.... I am actually allright for diaries this year, and although it is tempting just to keep this to look at I'm not going to.....

I am so sorry but I can only offer to post this in Australia - the cost of posting overseas would be more than the cost of the diary ....

but I will do something special for non-Australia friends ..... and we can find a book for you which I can get posted direct (free shipping) .... like this?  It is an Aussie designer... and this is a book on my wish list - so I may put the wrong posting address accidently on purpose....

Country Cottage Quilting: Over 20 Quirky Quilt Projects Combining Stitchery with Patchwork

So Aussies - if you want to win the Dairy leave a post but mention Australia in it 

and other overseas friends - if you want to win the Country Cottage Quilting (or a different book same price) just mention your country....

I'll do a draw on Monday...

Righto, Gotto Go..... black trams to sew....

Monday, March 26, 2012

I can't believe....

... that it is already the 25th of the month!!!!  

Noooo... I want time to go back.... NOT ready for April....

I did get my Christmas Item for the month done - I thought I was very clever to get it finished early!!!  meanwhile I am spot on time....

I made a bag this month  ...

This is one of Michelle's stitcheries which has made a pocket bordered with jumbo ric-rac...
I do love the expression on the reindeers face!

a large scrappy bordered pocket for the back...
(it looks very squiff in this picture!! hmmmmm)

pockets inside and a bit of decorative stitching at the top and through the handles....

Thanks Narelle for hosting the Christmas Item.... its FREE to join anytime and no pressure if you don't get something made.... but a nice feeling if you do!!

Righto - Gotta Go.... March White Rabbit list to do!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fresh as a Summer Breeze ......

The fabric is a layer cake and some metreage for borders 

Summer Breeze II
Sentimental Studios
by Moda

The pattern is Blackbird Pie by Kookaburra Cottage 

now I can add 'curves' to my sewing portfolio!!!

pattern and fabric from Quilters Angel 

this is a shop sample

so pretty...


This month some Block swap member swapped patterns too

This is the fun one I received from Tanya
you can see hers HERE

I've learnt a bit of curves so maybe it's time for foundation paper piecing  

Thanks so much for the pattern Tanya - I love bugs!  and the fabrics to give me a kick start

Righto..... Gotta Go.... challenges to conquer

Friday, March 23, 2012


.... I got tagged.... 
thanks Sheila (I think!!!) 

1. Why did you start blogging?

I needed some stimulation 


 2.How long have you been quilting?

I dabbled years ago but I have been hooked since 2008 when I made this for my eldest grandson: 

his brother got one too but different pictures....


 3. What project have you made that you are most proud of ?


 4. What  other country have you visited and when ?

I have been lucky with travel .....

I lived in Zimbabwe (see Mutare right on the East)
and I visited South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda

I now live in Australia and have visited New Zealand

I have travelled overseas and visited England, Ireland, Scotland and Finland 

..... lucky for you the dates are fuzzy!


5. What is your favorite color and why?

I seriously don't have a favourite colour - why?  I seriously can't choose just one!



6. Are you an animal lover and if so what is your favorite animal ?

I do love animals ...... I think my favourite to look at would have to be a cheetah


but for cuddling I like little animals - like grandies...

7. Other than sewing / quilting what other craft do you love ?

does chatting count as a craft?



 8. What is your favorite all time book ?



 9. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you most like to visit?




 10. What is your favorite comfort food ?

anything... but something like this would be very comforting....

 11. Who influenced you most in your life? 

Mum and Dad... 


Now it's your turn.....

I tag you all so if you feel like playing please join in.... a little bit of fun as we get to know each other....

1.  Your favourite flower/plant
2. Your most memorable moment
3. Any identifying marks or scars
4. Show your most favourite project you have made
5. Who would you most like to meet?
6. Your most awful food you won't eat
7. Where would you like to travel to
8. Life goal/ dream... tell me....
9. Favourite snack food
10. What are you doing today
11.  The first crafting project you made

Please let me know if you play along... I'll make sure I drop by and find out those secrets

Righto, Gotta Go... wet and soggy here - I guess I'll have to stay indoors and do some more of this...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My favourite things this month.....

This month's blocks for the Some Kind of Wonderful Stitch-a-long

this is very true

Home is definitely one of my favourite things

 this is not true
I like gardening... but not all day
I could supervise gardening all day but that word was too long to sew

The little pieces for the flowers were very challenging 
here they are joined together with their little blocks.

this is a colour pallette I am playing with (shop sample)
fabrics from HERE
really scrumptious

Righto - Gotta Go.... a bit of gardening to do....

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