Thursday, March 1, 2012

Autumn draws near ....

Here downunder Autumn is from March to May ..... and I love the weather here in Queensland at this time of year.. the days are still warm and the nights begin to cool ....

of course my Northern Hemisphere friends are looking forward to their days warming up

Cheryll hosts a Once A Season Secret Swap and I always find myself joining in....  we are all assigned partners but it remains a secret until the parcel arrives.... and we try and send something with an seasonal theme...

This Autumn my secret season partner was Peta and my post bag was just so full of parcels - all wrapped up in pretty golden orange paper....

such fun opening them all...

There is a gorgeous hand made bag with the trees applique... it is a lovely size to carry my hoop and some stitching and sewing paraphernalia when I go to one of my stitching groups....  just perfect - there are also lovely scented candles (I do love having candles lit), kitchen towels and orange truffles and a very pretty piece of fabric... which looks like a Japanese print but is Australian flowers.... it is so very pretty.  So I feel that I was very spoiled indeed...

Have you met Peta?  Her blog is called "Just crafting my day away" - so of course there is lots of lovely goodies to see there....pop in and have a read ....

I was assigned Shez... who has been a long time bloggy friend and we share a lot in common... so I was delighted to be sending her a parcel....

I found this lovely pattern for a wallhanging designed by Natalie Bird - it is from a Country Threads magazine but in all my cleverness I tore out patterns and filed them... so I don't know which issue
(edited... It is Volume 9 No 7 - thanks Linda) 

I used some variegated thread (prewashed so it shouldn't bleed) and some Autumny colour fabrics

and I even did a bit of hand quilting (ooooooooohhhhh!) 

There was also a few other little bits I added in just for fun..... including a dishcloth which is a repurposed tablecloth with some Autumn leaves (designed by Angie Padilla - I won a set of applique designs a couple of years ago)

and whilst we are on the subject of Shez... she sneakily sent me a lovely parcel of goodies last week....
there is fabric, and trims and patterns and thread and christmas applique.... now I am all set up for lots of stitching... thanks Shez....

Thanks Cheryll for hosting such a fun swap..... keep a look out for a Winter swap coming up.....

and just for fun.... we have had a few damp days..... 
I'm sure if I sit quietly enough I will spot a fairy

Righto... Gotta go.... no faeries but I have a grumpy gnome in my lounge room!! - better go make him a cuppa


  1. Lots of lovely goodies there. Hope that grumpy Gnome is happier now! :o) xx

  2. Your stitchery for Shez was very sweet! Lucky girl! I hope you didn't have to share your Orange Truffles with the grumpy gnome!?

  3. what beautiful parcels exchanged! Love them all.
    Will look forward to you doing that brenda ryan stitchery. They are so pretty and feminine.
    Does your gnome live in the toadstool village? hehe

  4. lol,love all the comments about the grumpy gnome.
    lovely parcel you received from Peta,love these swaps of Cheryll's we get to meet some wonderful people and i am so glad you were my secret partner Fiona..xx

  5. I have that Magazine! It's Vol 9 No 7.
    Yay our spring is nearly here, it's a beautiful day today and I am making the most of it. Lots of lovely goodies there both to you and from you! Hugs

  6. Lovely gifties there Fiona - both sent and received!! I especially love that bag ... how cute!!!

  7. Gorgeous gifts sent and received!!! Won't you have fun. Love those mushrooms - I think I spot a wee fairy!

  8. Such beautiful gifts - both coming and going! Your stitchery is so cute.

  9. What a lovely exchange. Lucky both of you! LOL @ Grumpy Gnome. Im having a cuppa now....Sheer joy!

  10. Lots of wonderful goodies, both to you and from you.
    Swaps are fun and it is nice to have things in my home that are from my quilting friends.


  11. Your final photo needs to become a quilt. Yay for Autumn for you because it must mean Spring for me!!!

  12. Let`s celebrate March whether Autumn or Spring and may be a birthday month for some :-) Love your geese stitchery, very wise to wash the variegated thread,I know by personal experience!!!

  13. Wow! So many wonderful gifts both sent and received. I love your stitched wall hanging, the variegated thread looks so nice.
    Have you found your grumpy gnome?

  14. Lovely gifts both to and from you. I love the little geese hanging.

  15. Wonderful gifts ~ both to and from!

    OMG I love toadstools all over the yard. Yours are in a lovely variety of sizes!

  16. Wonderful swap
    gifts both received as well as given , lucky you and lucky Shez ! Since fall is arriving for you the spring is just around the corner for me , music to my ears ;-) hugs Sheila

  17. Gorgeous presents both coming in and going out. I love autumn here in Melbourne too - the best time of the year.

  18. Great looking swap items all round there. Well done and I hope grumpy enjoyed his

  19. Looks like you had fun. Lots of fun presents. You both did a great job.

  20. What a fun post, and mail...

  21. What a fantastic swap! Love the paper it was wrapped in. Still laughing about the grumpy gnome!LOL!

  22. What a lovely lot of goodies you've received...enjoy...the wallhanging you made Shez is so cute, love the good family (or are they ducks?...never mind one or the other) and the way the applique flowers sit giving it lovely texture.

  23. Arrggghhh...that was supposed to be goose family...not good! Don'tjahateit when you hit go and then see the spelling mistake!!!


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