Monday, March 19, 2012

Easy Peasy Vanilla Slices

I love food..

... and I love easy peasy yummy food...

I used 2 packets of lattice flaky pastry biscuits
1 x 600ml cream (well I never said it's low cholestrol!!)
1 packet of vanilla instant pudding

and because I like it I included some rosewater and pink colouring

line a tray with baking paper and place a set of lattice biscuits over the base - edge to edge - just pretend you are matching patchwork blocks together....

you can see I cut some at the edges so they would fit nice and snug....
- the little slices then become lovely treats for little visitors....

beat the cream with the vanilla pudding so well mixed....

see how pretty it is with the pink and the rosewater just gives it a bit of a special flavour
 but you could just as easily add some of that yummy home made vanilla

layer the creamy vanilla instant pudding all over the base of biscuits

then add another layer of lattice biscuits... you need to check it matches the base biscuits in placement
eg: don't put a full biscuit over a half biscuit

you need to be careful because when it is set (after 15 minutes) you want to slice carefully through the vanilla to make the slices......

and here we are back at the beginning......

... personally I slice them in half - but it is great fun watching someone try and eat it when it is still together and all the middle comes squishing out.....

Not a new idea... but a yummy one....

On the sewing front progress is being made on this...

 .... and this .....
 .... and this.....

Righto, gotta go.. time for a cuppa ... and a pink vanilla slice....


  1. Yum yum but I will have to stick with more birthday cake tonight :o)

  2. I am afraid the lattice biscuits wouldn't last past the pic of indredients. I love them!
    Love your sneak peaks too. The blues are just gorgeous.
    Save me a piece of vanilla slice..

  3. oh yummy Fiona what a great slice ,i love vanila slice.Lovely sneak peeks,it looks gorgeous cant wait to see it.

  4. Looks yummy!!! ... And those sneak peeks are gorgeous ... can't wait to see what they are when finished!!!

  5. Oh yum - I wish I lived closer - I'd run over right now and beg for one.

  6. Ooh, havent had that in ages. While reading it I was thinking of the filling flowing out the sides. Not a slice to eat when playing ladies, is it. But that is the yummy part of it anyway.

  7. and here I am trying to be good. The Vanilla Slice looks so devine.....
    Love your sneak peeks Fiona...

  8. Yummy vanilla slice...So quick and easy..good old lattice biscuits (sadly unavailable here but at least then I have a chance of resisting the temptation!)

  9. A pink vanilla slice - wonderful! Tracee xx

  10. Yummy! My mum used to make a similar slice, but I think hers had cream cheese!

  11. Yum! I haven't had this treat in a long time....I use Sao biscuits but then ice them, much prefer the idea of just using sweet biscuits. Stitching sneak peek looks good, look forward to a full reveal.

  12. Yummi. Thank God I can't eat it through the net ( I'm on a diet)!

  13. This is my kids favourite home made vanilla slice :) I love it too - despite my hips protestations!

  14. That looks delicious, both the sewing and the vanilla slice. We don't have those biscuits here in Canada but I may have to try them when we visit Australia next time.

  15. Really looks delicious , unfortunately we do not have those biscuits here but I could substitute something for them I suppose . Reminds me of the icecream sandwiches we used to get when we were camping in PEI , they were made with homemade icecream and homemade wafers , yummy!Now you have made me hungry and it is only 10:15 in the am :-)
    hugs Sheila

  16. Looks yummy, Fiona - and so does your stitching!

  17. The lattice biscuit treats look quite tempting! Wish we had those biscuits here in the states. Love the stitching you're doing.

  18. Yum! How delicious does that look!! Vanilla slices are a definite favourite here.
    Love that sewing!

  19. Oh yes !!! could just go one of those nice looking slices...yummmmmy

  20. I love that slice. i have a friend who makes it. I haven't tried it yet but I think I just might have a go. Does that count as baking???

  21. I have not seen these you years...a very yummy treat

  22. That looks soooo yummy....I think I will come for a visit.

  23. This is one of those slices you need to eat in private so you can really enjoy it as it oozes out the sides :)

    Looks like you've been busy ... sweet blocks and love your scrappy star quilt.


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