Saturday, March 31, 2012

Home Sweet Home .....

The next part of
Home Sweet Home
a free BOM by Melody 

The School

where you learn your spelling ....

and are controlled by time.....

The Penny Rug so far ...........

Still time to join in the fun with this one... the links to each month are in the sidebar at Melody's from The House on the Side of the Hill

I found my 'lost' swap item.... so yesterday I did a bit of free motion quilting on it....

oh sorry... you are tired of seeing that part... want to see more? okay

Righto - Gotta Go.... cake to make .....

Hubz has a birthday
but he is being hoofed out the house to make room for bookclub gals
well not hoofed, it's his choice, I don't know why he doesn't want to stay and chat to us

Just in case you missed it there is some presents to give HERE


  1. I love the trees on your Penny Rug, you did a fantastic job. And I am glad you found your "lost" item. Happy B day to Hubz.

  2. looking good! Good on you for finding your lost gift. You can save that energy for something new.
    Enjoy your book club.

  3. I'm thrilled you are enjoying making the penny rug.

  4. Wishing Hubby a happy birthday, have fun making the cake and enjoy your book club. hugs, Sharon

  5. Your penny rug is coming along beautifully.Hope Hubby has a great day for his birthday :) Barb.

  6. happy birthday Mr Hubz,funny sneak peek,glad you found it.lovely penny rug,its coming along beautifully,well done Fiona.xx

  7. Happy Birthday to Mr. BubzRugz. :o) I love your penny rug, the skool is adoorable. ;o)

  8. Your penny rug is looking great and I am so pleased you found your lost item.
    Happy wishes to the birthday boy!

  9. I love this bom so much - and you're doing a marvelous job on it, sweetie!

  10. Your school looks great , glad you found your gift . Happy birthday Mr Hubz! Hugs sheila

  11. Your Penny rug is adorable
    Happy Birthday to Mr Bubz or is it Mr Rugz?

  12. Your penny rug is looking great, I'm hoping to work on mine tonight while the family are at rugby! Nice glimpse of your friends gift.

  13. Your penny rub is looking fabulous!

  14. Happy Birthday to Hubz....
    Love your Penny Rug..
    Enjoy the book club girls...

  15. Looks great Fiona!! ... Also, Happy Birthday to Hubz!!

  16. I really love Melody's penny rug. Yours is looking great Fiona. Happy birthday to Mr Hubz. Was your little 4 legged house guest a baby staffy by any chance...such a little darling.

  17. Loving your penny rug, the blue and yellow look fabulous together. I am going to have to get organised and buy some wool I really like what you are doing. Hugs xxxx

  18. I love the little "skool" house, cute. And that little bluebird in the tree is pretty darn adorable, too! :o) Please say Happy Birthday to your Hubz for me....hope he has (had) a great one!




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