Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maybe it's late.....

and I am running out of time for my March BOMS

time saving tips please

I have already tried

but still there is not enough time

and now I have lost an item I was making for a swap
so I'll have to start again!

.... but I do have a lovely 2012 Quilters Diary

..... one week a page and loads of beautiful inspiration....

I have been doing my head in making binding .... lovely to have this tool to help..... but 18 metres of black binding.... aaargghhh - this if for trams on a quilt.....

this little girl thought she would help with it!!!!

Isn't she cute... Tinkerbell came and stayed with me for a few days whilst her owners went off to a wedding.... I'm rather missing having her around!

Anyways... back to the diary.... I am actually allright for diaries this year, and although it is tempting just to keep this to look at I'm not going to.....

I am so sorry but I can only offer to post this in Australia - the cost of posting overseas would be more than the cost of the diary ....

but I will do something special for non-Australia friends ..... and we can find a book for you which I can get posted direct (free shipping) .... like this?  It is an Aussie designer... and this is a book on my wish list - so I may put the wrong posting address accidently on purpose....

Country Cottage Quilting: Over 20 Quirky Quilt Projects Combining Stitchery with Patchwork

So Aussies - if you want to win the Dairy leave a post but mention Australia in it 

and other overseas friends - if you want to win the Country Cottage Quilting (or a different book same price) just mention your country....

I'll do a draw on Monday...

Righto, Gotto Go..... black trams to sew....


  1. This is a great diary every year I think I should get myself one but end up with a cheapo one from k mart.

    Love dropping by from Australia.

  2. How sweet! You're behind so you give us a treat! I'm calling in from Canada. The puppy is cute, but I don't know that I would have been so patient about him chewing my binding :)

  3. i know what you mean Fiona,housework keeps getting in my way,lol,when i remember to do it,lol.I have that diary its great but i am a buggar remembering to write things down,lol. Please dont enter me.xx

  4. Sorry I have no new tips but I like yours :)
    I have this gorgeous diary too ... so many ideas inside.

  5. they both look like great give aways
    I live in Canada
    Off for supper take care
    in stiches

  6. Lovely diary and that looks like a great book. As you know I am in Canada :-) hugs Sheila

  7. OOh Fiona, you're amazing every day. I'd love to try out for your Diary and of course I'm an Oz.
    I'm off to copy out you Get up and be amazing suggestion!

  8. I love those diaries. Always something inspiring to look at. :) You know i'm an Aussie just down the "hill" from you. :) Hugs,

  9. If you do find new ways to save time, please share...I'm finding that it's slipping away from me, too! :o(

    What a darling puppy, and such a cute name. And how adorable that she wanted to help with your binding!

    You are so sweet to include us overseas friends with a give away, Fiona...and as you know, I'm visiting from Ohio in the U.S.



    P.S. I LOVE your daily's just like mine! LOL!

  10. what a gorgeous gift, can I move overseas to get that loveley quilting book, I am afraid my iphone has made a diary obsolete no matter how gorgeous it may be.

  11. What a wonderful giveaway, Thank you,Fiona. I'm posting from Portugal, .
    You found a gerat quilt helper, I have one of those too, he chews every bit of fabric he finds.

  12. Oh Fiona you are always amazing. I could not keep up with all your swaps.
    Love the Diary but I do have one so won't go in the giveaway Okay.

  13. I like your time saving tips, I must say I try implementing them too, to little benefit. Try to add no washing (clothes that it)?
    lovely diary...
    You know I am in Australia.

  14. Hi Fiona,I know how you feel.. I'd rather be creating than doing the mundane, especially the washing..going in and out to the way I could save time would be to limit my blog reading but then I'd miss out on all the wonderfully inspiring work and ideas out I will also look with interest at the ideas that come through in the comments.. cute dog photo..they can be dangerous for our crafting though!!! all the best in finishing your swaps..Lyn in New Zealand

  15. Looks like a great giveaway ... and a lot to keep you occupied over the next few days!!! I could try not doing any uni ... or not watching any dvds ... but then, I probably won't!!!
    Have a great weekend sweetie!!!

  16. Ohhh yes please to the Country Cottage Quilting, how nice of you to think of us "Foreigners" as you know I am in sunny France ... Hugs

  17. Oh Fiona, I was just looking at the Country Cottage Quilting book on Amazon the other day. I was deciding between 2 books, this one and a thread painting one. There is a really cute small bag in it that I would like to try.

    That ball is almost as big as Tinkerbell.

    Greetings from USA.

  18. Hi Fiona,

    Love the idea of this diary, I really don't LOVE the one I am using. As for saving time, once you now, please let me know. I don't have to drive my son to school for the next 2 weeks so hopefully I can sew more.
    Hugs from Australia

  19. Fabulous giveaway. I've got a lovely diary so I won't enter the draw but good luck to everyone.

  20. What a great giveaway. Am I surprised that someone giving away their diary is having trouble organising their time :D
    Dare I suggest no more cups of tea and no more baking tea cakes?
    I feel your pain from losing your swap project and hope you finish it without further mishap.
    I would love to go in the draw for the diary. I am thankful everyday that I live in Australia. Life is pretty good here no matter who is in Government.

  21. It looks like a lovely diary and a lovely book too! And I'm from Sweden.

  22. I so enjoyed this post, I must admit ignoring the housework yesterday so I could fit in some sewing!! I love the daily routine at the bottom too. And thank you for such a generous give-away - you are amazing!! I live in NZ.

  23. That's so sweet Fi. Don't include me in the draw, I have to admit, I already have both. Tracee xx

  24. Since we just put our clocks back, maybe you could put the whole month back and then you'd actually be ahead of your March swaps!!!


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