Monday, August 23, 2010


I hope everyone has had a happy and safe weekend.

Jenny has an August Re-invention challenge on where we make new stuff out of old.  She has some lovely cushions made of a pre-loved shirt.... have a look HERE.

Jenny also has a pretty BOM she is sharing with us. I have finished my Daisy-Do block for this month.

I have long been wanting to try 'felting' so went off and bought a few jumpers.... these were all large size.

Gave them a couple of hot washes and dried through the drier - they are now suitable for a 3year old....

I have never done this before and not too sure if they are really ready for felting but will give it a go - I wonder if anyone has done this and has a few tips on knowing when it is really 'felted' enought?? 

This weekend whilst hubs gave the birdbath a proper clean....

I worked on quilting the Memory Quilt I have been making with widget's old baby clothes.....
It is not easy as the clothes are various stretchy fabrics.... but we are getting there.  I ended up drawing the squiggles to follow so I would go around the extra pockets and other lumps...  Two broken needles, lots of thread breaks....... any tips????

I NEEDED this cheese and wine for lunch and a bit of inspiration to read whilst nibbling and tippling..

Have a great week everyone



Crowing Moon said...

Your daisy do looks great. I need to get mine done. I killed my printer so couldn't print out the pattern...grrr...but have a new one now so no excuse not to get it done :)
I've had a couple of needle breaks myself this week :( If you find out how to stop it let me know lol

marina said...

Haven't felted before, sorry.
What a civilised way to enjoy a magazine and get some inspirations.

Jennifer said...

Can't help you, I have never felted before.....although I have a sad tale of a lacy crochet top that, many years ago, was felted by the bloke I was married to at the time (but not now).....I was so happy when I finished making it too.

cottonreel said...

Hello Fiona , I,m cottonreel you dropped by my blog, Welcome .
I have struggled with my shabby roses quilt , I bought the wrong batting for the fabric .It,s thick and like felt . I bought it while standing in the queue to pay for fabric because the size was right .After many years of quilting it,s another learning curve .

I haven,t seen wool jumpers in charity shops for years so I will not be felting.

I haven,t started Daisy do yet . I saw on a blog yesterday the Tisket a tasket quilt, I think it was a Bunny Hill design . It really was a WOW quilt--cottonreel

Teresa said...

I have wanted to give felting a go too, and what you have done so far with the jumpers is as much as I know. I know someone who has done it though and I will contact her and get as much info as I can.... She has just made some cute fingerless gloves out of some old wool jumpers. Will let you know how I go...

Maria said...

Sorry I have never felted so can't help.
You picked some fun things to make, putting the different thicknesses of baby clothes together. Good luck with both projects.

Cardygirl said...

Looks like you have been busy...lots of fun too! Love the view from the birdbath!

Chrissie said...

I have only felted a jumper by accident (opps) but I have felted using merino tops and the washing up liquid with bamboo roller method, really hard work that one. I now prefer to use the tops plus other fibres and felt them on my embellisher machine. Its surprising how long it takes but very satisfying. Looking forward to hear how you get on

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