Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Treasure - VIP's have arrived.......

It is Tuesday Treasures hosted by Melody .......

This week I have another piece of art to share with you ....

DD2 did this at school ....... I have always loved the colours and the feeling in there..... a bit of a Monet.???

It is her birthday today so I thought it fitting to share a treasure she painted for me....  I need to go and bake a cake.....

We went off to Brisbane airport early this morning to fetch our other treasures - son and dil and bump today.... I am still doing a happy dance....(they are having a snooze!)

Santa Sites
My DD1 shared a rather sweet Santa site with me this week.... some of you with littlies may enjoy it.  You can put in photo's and information and then are sent a personalised video message from Santa to the child.....   you can find it HERE....  I saw the messages for my grandies... very cute.... it's amazing the information Santa knows about the children!!!

This other one I have followed for the last few years.... because it is fun... tracking Santa as he goes around the world..... I always wondered how he did it.....there are a couple of pre-Christmas activities if you like....  you can find this one HERE..


  1. So glad they are arrived safely, how exciting it must be. Gosh I think I can hear you a singing and a dancing from here! ;-)

  2. that's great that they arrived according to schedule.
    your daughter's painting is just gorgeous.

  3. Oh yes Monet does come to mind,just beautifil. Enjoy the time with family and bump,next time you will be changing nappies.Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Happy days.

  4. Love the painting and I hope your daughter is having a great birthday. Enjoy the time with your son, daughter-in-law and bump... I can hear the happiness in your words. xx

  5. Fiona I LOVE the painting. The colors are just gorgeous, and yes it does have that Monet feeling to it. Such happy art! So glad to hear that your other treasures arrived safe and sound, hope they adjust quickly! We used to go to the Norad site to track Santa when the boys were little, it was very fun. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!

  6. Beautiful painting and so colourful and happy.

    Great to hear your family have arrived safely, have a wonderful time with them.

    Thanks for the links also.

    Have a great week.

  7. Your daughter is very talented....

    Happy Holidays to you and yours....

  8. I love this painting and yes it does have a Monet feeling .I hope she still paints. I am so happy for you that your other treasures have arrived safely and you get to spend some quality time with your son and DIL . Happy Birthday to your daughter :-)

  9. Lovely painting. I love the colors so much. Yes indeed, Monet comes to mind looking at this beautiful picture.


    -Samya :-)

  10. Your daughter's painting is so lovely and fresh. I'm glad it is framed and on show. Won't your Christmas be great now that your visitors have arrived.

  11. Thanks for the Santa site... I have sent off two messages to two little boys and they just couldn't believe Santa knew so much about them xxx


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