Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A few more blocks and Christmas decorations

I have done a few more blocks of the On the Farm quilt (design by Lynette Anderson)

~ we have a turkey ~
(this block I made up instead of a chook - the new baby will be living on a turkey farm!)

~ there are pumpkins in the garden ~

~ the barn has been built ~

~ and the flower garden planted ~

I thought I would show some of my Christmas ornaments
When I first joined our local craft group they had just started making these Christmas decorations.....

 ~ I had no idea how much work they were ~
~ but I'm very pleased with how it worked out ~

~ we have two representative Santa's ~
~ they are just over an inch tall (photographing them was difficult) ~
~ my side of the family the men loose their hair ~
~ Hubz's side doesn't ~

~ the Santa's often sit on top of the Christmas cake ~
~ DD1 gave these next ones to me quite a long time ago - I just love the wobbly legs ~

~ I do like my green tree frog ~
~ looks like he fell in my glass of wine! ~
~ and stayed there a while ~

~ this years new special decoration is from Teresa ~

I hope next year I will have a few more that I have made.... just need to start on Christmas a bit earlier.... and focus..... focus.... focus......

On with wrapping parcels, Christmas baking, eating....... and maybe some wine ..... 


  1. Hi Fiona, What a beautiful post, love your new quilt blocks, and your ornaments are treasures for sure. The ornament you made is exquisite - all that beading and hand sewing is not for the faint hearted, but is beautiful indeed.

    Hugs, Nicky

    PS - The cards your grandsons sent are so sweet, I absolutely understand how they made you cry!

  2. I love the bald head Santa! The On the Farm quilt is great! I especially love the turkey. I look forward to seeing it all together.

  3. Hi Fiona, love your blocks and christmas treasures, and your ornament is absolutely enchanting, well worth all the work. Chrissie

  4. Fantastic quilt blocks Fiona, they are going to make a lovely quilt.

    The ornaments are really cute - I do enjoy ours each year as well.

  5. I love the cream colored tree. What a lovely sample of your beading and stitching.

  6. The quilt blocks are looking good!!!

    I love to see other people's Christmas treasures. All the beading and embellishments on the cream one makes it very special and beautiful.

  7. I'm definitely with you with the wine..sometimes I feel like the frog even when I haven't had any...I love all of these blocks and wondered if you turn under the edges of your applique. I am not good at
    applique at all...I just haven't found a way to do it that works well for me..I love the barn and the pumpkins..
    Mama Bear

  8. Your farm quilt is going to be sweet , love the blocks so far :-) You have some very interesting ornaments and you did a fantastic job on the beaded ornament , gorgeous . Merry Christmas! hugs Sheila

  9. I Love your Xmas Decoration it is Gorgeous and so much work has gone into it....
    Love the story behind all your little ornaments too funny....
    Have a Lovely Xmas it's been Great meeting you through Blogland....
    cheers for a Great 2011....
    ho ho ho

  10. Your farm quilt is going to gorgeous... love the turkey...

  11. The farm quilt blocks are just way too gorgeous!
    Your ornaments are beautiful. All those beads wow that is a treasure!
    The christmas cards are lovely from your grandies.
    You have definitely got into the Christmas spirit. Just put that wine bottle down!

  12. The blocks are looking so good Bubz, and your Christmas Decoration is just so gorgeous...and oh so much work....

  13. Those blocks are so great - especially since baby will live on a turkey farm! I love that tree, oh my gosh what a load of work - but oh so beautiful hon, you did a brilliant job. Love your Santa's too, and all your decorations!

  14. Those blocks are lovely Fiona... esp the turkey! I love your decorations, but the pyramid is just soooo beautiful. So much work in it and so much detail. Just gorgeous. (oh have a soft spot for the frog too ha ha)


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