Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Break Ups

This last week has been lots of parties.......
and that means lots of pressies......

I so coveted these little angel scissors when I saw them on Jenny's blog.... as a giveaway.... and I nearly cried when I didn't win them (but it was okay 'cos Allie did!)
..... so guess who was excited at getting these from Quilt Craft - my favourite quilt shop and club
~ she even has a figure like mine ~
~ oh - those are wings? - well I can dream ~

I also received these lovely chocolates from an Aged Care facility where I visit...
the box is empty now - of course - how do you think I got that angel figure?

~ seems like angels are around ~ 
this time from the local craft group - this is a cute lavender sachet to hang in my cupboard
~ not with the clothes ~
~ with my fabrics (she will live with the important stuff!) ~

~ her figure looks like mine too ~

This is what I took to the craft group - a mug rug and mug - big mug
~ well, I should share my body secrets at this giving time of year ~

~ and this one will be posted this week ~
~ but I am only showing it later ~
~ it's a secret you see ~

This next gift is a special one I bought two of 
(one for me and one for a friend)

This is a pattern Joy has designed and all the profits made in December will go to support projects in Thailand which are trying to slave trading and child trafficing.

This is a pretty pattern and wouldn't take too many hours to make.... plus we get to support a good cause.

You can read the story behind the pattern  HERE

~ I have had a little bit of time for real work ~

These hexies do vexies me a little bit

This is the last round of the Stitch-A-Long

~ I have done some gift tag making ~

~ Now I have to go and clean up the mess ~
~ maybe tea and cake first ~
~ I have a figure to maintain ~


Melody said...

Hi Fiona,
You have been incredibly busy with so many fabulous pics to share. I wonder what Santa will bring you to add to your haul of presents.

marina said...

You busy busy woman!
We all have to work hard to maintain our wonderful girlish figures.

Jennifer said...

Ah yes, the Christmas figure.....a true vision of loveliness after all those mince pies and pudding......*grin*

Allie said...

I'm so glad you got some of those scissors Fiona, you and Jenny and I will be snipping together in style!! Love the little sachet and the mug and rug are just GORGEOUS. Love Joy's design and for such a good cause. Good luck with those hexxies - won't catch me making them, lol!

Serenata said...

Fabulous gifts Fiona and great scissors. Good luck with those little hexies! Oh it looks like it might be my block you are working on :-) Still waiting on round 4 to arrive so I can work on it.

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Them scissors are cute. You sure get allot done Maybe I will get with it and get things done.

Cheryll said...

Hi... I still need your postal address so I can send your giveaway cheer to you.
Merry Christmas

Susan said...

The mug rug and mug are very pretty! You have been busy!

Jodie said...

Gorgeous post - I smiled the whole way through!!!

I love the sissors, they're just gorgeous...

All of the pressies are awesome and I can't wait to see what is in the surprise one..

Hugs - Jodie :)

Wonky Girl said...

You have been really busy. Enjoyed seeing all the projects and those scissors are just great.

Joy McD said...

How cute are those scissors!!!
Thanks for sharing about my pattern :)

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