Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things.... and things...

The "Sisterhood of the Goats" is the brainchild of Elaine's.  Somehow many of us have been sending goats all over the world.  A goat arrived here at my house just before Christmas.... this is Allie... She lives in Yukon Territory (Canada ) and belongs to Janet .  Allie first visited Marie in Western Australia who gave her a fine home to live.... and then went way over to Laura in North Dakota (USA) and had some wonderful pampering, and now she has come here to Queensland to visit me..... yesterday was her first day to see our sun!  Very exciting.

Here she is.... only sneak peak (don't want to spoil Janet's surprise)...  but Allie came bearing wonderful gifts...

Look at this just too georgeous lady bird pin..... made by Laura..... it is so lovely - I keep going at looking at her, and patting......

Most beautiful Christmas gift tags
(I will use these next year as all my parcels were under the tree already)

These are made from bottle tops
(sorry - bad picture and it doesn't show them off)
just amazing.... little pictures inside and beads

There was also a selection of lovely threads and a packet of M&M's....
 yummo... they disappeared
.... quickly ......
Thanks Laura - lovely, lovely gifts

Vicki at The Pickledish Patch is having a series of giveaways to celebrate - the first one was for her followers and I was one of the lucky 3 picked by Mr Random Generator..... so I got to choose 3 patterns...

~ Angel Among the Stars Christmas Wallhanging ~
~ it's not too early to think about next Christmas is it? ~

~ Tulips in Bloom table centre mat ~
~ I always think of Tulips as Happy Flowers ~

~ and a set of 6 stitchery patterns ~
~ Spring Flowers ~

Vicki has some lovely designs with a mixture of applique and stitchery (my favourite techniques just at the moment).  There are also tutorials on her blog and charm packs to buy.  I got my first charm pack this year.... I may need more!! 
You can find these and other lovely patterns HERE
 Vicki is still celebrating.... so if you're quick you can pop along and join in the fun..


Sue said...

Allie must be a pack goat to be toting all those goodies.

Allie said...

Hm...a goat named Allie - I like it! A little jealous of that sun, however. I'd rather it was me!

Congrats on your win from Vicki - isn't she amazing?

Janet said...

Oh Allie looks like she is having a lovely time! I am behind on my goat work - didn't do any sewing in the last ten days. I have two goats to work on so they will have to be first priority for me when I get home tomorrow and can pull out my projects.

Maria said...

Nice to see "Allie" has arrived at your place.What a great load of goodies she brought with her.
Congrates on your win. Lovely patterns.

Sheila said...

What fun to be taking part in the Sisterhood of the goat ,some wonderful gifts! Congratulations on the win also , some great patterns ,love the angel.

marina said...

What a considerate goat to bring such gifts with her.
Hope to see those patterns put to good use next year!
Have a wonderful New Year!!

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