Thursday, April 14, 2011

Felt and Tell ............ the next installment....

The crazy pincushions are growing so well..... here are some I have seen lately:

(where I can I have linked to the relevant blog-post)

Laura's base has been to Dianne and Melody:
I am amazed at how much these ladies have managed to fit in here.... georgeousness itself....

Dianne's base has been to Roslyn and Laura:
- this is coming up to be one fantastic garden....

Janet's base has been to Jacqueline:
look at those lovely flowers... and the detail on the stems.....

Sheila's pincushion - has been to DeeDee and Sandi:
very cute and pretty.....

Sandi's pincushion - decorated by Sheila and myself:
I love this unusual base design and it's coming together lovely too...

My pincushion - decorated by Sandi:

  that's a little pink door - this is the other side.... so there will be two variations.....

Val's pincushion - decorated by myself and DeeDee:
can you tell which part is Texan?

Sue's pincushion which has been with Janet:
beautifully stitched and isn't the goat a character?

I hope I have kept up to date ... there are some pincushions missing but I do know some of them are having long distances to travel for their overseas visits!!

Aren't they all great?

Please Pincushioners forgive me if I have missed your work and let me know


  1. what great pin cushions they all look fantastic,well done girls.

  2. They are all looking fabulous. This is lots of fun.

  3. Oh they are all so fantastic! What fun!
    xx, shell

  4. They are all looking fantastic. I love all the embroidery on them.

  5. omg! all so very cool... I just love this project and seeing them the trap door idea lots..and all the work so lovely...thanks for the updates they are so fun toosee

  6. Great fun, clever little trapdoor.
    It's the first time I've seen mine since I posted it off. So cute.
    Still waiting for #2 to arrive here.

  7. Just gets better everytime I see them. Cheers Fiona to a great stitch around!

  8. Lots of wonderful pin cushions.
    I need to practice my embroidery stitches for embellishing.


  9. They are all looking amazing. Some of us in our group are doing our own so it's nice to get some ideas. Love the pink door.

  10. Thanks for the updates Fiona I am really looking forward to my next one arriving.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  11. They are indeed looking fabulous! Lots of great ideas travelling the world!

  12. They are brilliant, I bet they are going to be just wonderful when finished.

  13. The pin cushions are looking great but I am really here to say how annoyed I am that you have won some buttons over at the Painted Quilt. How do you do it?

  14. Wow they are all looking great , I am waiting for the next one to arrive , maybe today , that would be great!

  15. Fiona , just to let you know I did indeed recieve Dee Dee's pincushion in the mail today from Val so guess what I willb edoing this evening ;-)
    hugs Sheila

  16. Everyone of those pincushions are so ladies are all artists! I can't believe the amount of detail you've all put into them. It's fun to watch them "develop"!



    P.S. Fiona, I'm having a give away right now...come on over and enter if you'd like!

  17. These are so fabulous, I know everyone is going to LOVE their pincushions when they finally get home!

  18. I love the pin cushions. They are so cute.

  19. They are all so unique and so wonderful. What little treasures!

  20. The pin cushions are all looking wonderful. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  21. TOTALLY missed this post! How yummy are all these!!! Eep, I want to make one... Sorry to be whiny ( I had my chance didn't I?) I will in time make one, mark my words. There's a ton of inspiration in this post alone! Gorgeous!


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