Tuesday, April 26, 2011

.... and that..... was the long weekend....

Thank you so much for all the wonderful congratulatory messages.... how special are blog friends? 

We are still so excited about having little "Maddy" in our lives.... and I have had two video links and seen her peeping at us and listen to her little hiccups.... just too cute....  too far away..... but love can travel great distances I find..... and technology is wonderful too.... 

This Easter weekend went so fast - did yours?  The little widget came to stay with us - he has never been for so many nights away from his mum and he was such a pleasure..... and sooooo much fun... and he helped such a lot in the garden..... He idolises Pops so just followed and copied everything Hubz did.... 

I think I am the meanest Nana in the whole world though and didn't even get him ONE Easter Egg... his mom sent one in his suitcase and that was it for him...... as a result I didn't have a hyperactive toddler feeling sick from too much chocolate... no fights and no tantrums... wonderful.... and he didn't even notice.... I may not get away with that next year though!!  But it will be a story he can relate to excuse his behavour as a troubled teenager...

Lots done in the garden ........ pulling out dead bushes, cutting down unwanted volunteer trees and pulling out unwanted volunteer weeds..... chop chop, snip snip, mow mow.....

The blocks have all gone together for the Wiscasset Layer Cake:

I used a Moda Bake Shop pattern - Topsy Turvy Quilt but I used all the blocks instead of only 30 so it is quite a large quilt...... good size for a double bed....

and an unco-operative model...... sigh...

Some time ago I asked my talented Sister-In-Law to draw me up some pictures for a little project I want to do..... these are a couple of blocks I have stitched up with her initial drawings.....

It is passed the 25th and I haven't got a Christmas Item finished and I have not been ready for Tuesday Treasure either

Easter and ANZAC - both holidays are a time when we acknowledge and pay respect to people who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us - special

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend - I did



  1. You are a great nana for limiting the chocolate. Love the quilt top. I might put a treasure up tomorrow. It will be Tuesday somewhere :)

  2. Sounds like you had a busy fun weekend.
    Love the layered cake top.
    No your are not the meanest Nana as I also did not buy Easter Eggs for my grandies this year either. Just got their PJ'S.

  3. So delighted to hear your news :-)

    The quilt is great, love your 'helper'. The stitcheries are really cute as well.

  4. I am so happy for you to have had your grandson with you for a few days , that is extra special and I know it made Easter that much more enjoyable . Your quilt top is just lovely , I've never had a layer cake but see that they are pretty neat! Your SIL is talented and I love what you did with the drawings, the girl reminds me of Anne of Green Gables .

  5. Technology is just so good......love the quilt..and your little "people" are so cute...

  6. lovely quilt and lots of stitching......

  7. Don't worry about being a bad nana, and traumatising your little one by not giving him heaps of chocolate it will just give him heaps to tell his psychologist when his is older! Mine are still working through their issues of having a bad mother who didn't buy them anything at all for easter lol. I told them 'don't believe, don't receive'.
    love the top you have finished. If you want some blocks for a backing sing out.

  8. I am sure the young one will leave one Easter without chocolate. That quilt is fastastic. Those little characters are so cute. Hugs, Kim

  9. Sounds like a PeRfEcT l o n g weekend to me!
    Lots done and enjoyment all round!
    Way To Go! :)

  10. We were mean Grampies too. One little egg and some nice new winter Jim Jams.You certainly achieved a lot over your long weekend. Well done with the quilt top.

  11. What a busy weekend you had. Love the quilt and stichery. Your fur baby is precious.

  12. Beautiful quilt and love the little ladies, fun pieces.


  13. You are SO SMART to forgo the chocolate and hyperactivity! Your quilt looks just gorgeous sweetie, and your little people are darling!

  14. I am with you there in not having chocolate for my Grandies. They were just fine and didnt notice - and we are keeping the future psychologists busy.
    Love the little people stitcheries - looking forward to seeing what you are going to make with them.

  15. sound like a great weekend ...i have made a rule no Easter eggs ..i buy winter PJS

  16. Your rendition of your sister-in-laws drawings are beautiful.

  17. Sounds like you were the perfect Nana! I bet he was having too much fun to even notice...
    Love the little stitcheries.. You are very clever.

  18. Hey Fiona! Your quilt looks FABULOUS ... and even better in real life! :0) Had a giggle at your uncooperative model ... we have two furry models who obviously feel their sitting fees are not worth ... well ... SITTING ... for! Tee! Hee! Hee! I usually susbstitute bears ... they're much easier to work with and their fee is cuddles! :0) Hope your weekend is going well ... I'm doing LOTS of playing in the sewing room ... YAY! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  19. Hello Fiona, you had a busy weekend...love your sil drawings and what you have done with them...hugs lyn


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