Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Pincushions and Rain in the Sunshine .......

A few more crazy pincushions have been spotted this week.....

Sandi's base .....

..... has spent time with Sheila and is now at my house

look at this detail - (and Sheila thinks her embroidery skills are limited!!)

DeeDee's base ...... 

....... went to Val
if you visit Val she shows us how she gets all this lovely felting detail together so beautifully
such a beautiful Victorian shoe

All Crazy Pincushioners links are in my sidebar

Lovely weather this weekend - widget came to visit
I was outside weeding and he took my gloves

I'm not going to argue with any assistance

doesn't he look cute with oversized gloves on?

 and a surprise shower of rain yesterday
I love rain in the sunshine

When I was little we called that a 'Monkey's Wedding'

Happy Weekend..


  1. So jealous of that little one you have there to help you in your garden...

  2. A monkey's wedding eh? That's a new one! What lovely pics of Widget in your garden, Fiona. I must must must get out into my garden and do what you and Widget are doing. I must!!!!

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  4. Hey the boots are meant to be admired I went over to Val's and shi is very nimble with the cutting and placing the bits together eh!

    Shoes golves what ever we take off there is always a someone just waiting to try them on. love those memories.

    I remember once Andrea put a big fork through her foot, she was about 4 .When she came in side bellowing and trailing blood I asked what happened and she said " it was my stupid fork that did it" no involvement on her part.

  5. Awww Widget looks very cute in big gloves :) I am sure he was lots of help!!

  6. The pincushions look great! You sure do have an adorable helper for your garden....he's just too cute!

  7. The pincushions are coming along nicely.
    What cute photos of your wee widget.
    RAIN What is RAIN. It's been over 60 days with no rain here in the West.

  8. I have never heard of a monkey's wedding. You know I looked it up and the reference said that some people hadn't heard of the term 'sunshower'. Great to see the pincushions on the move and it is so much fun to watch the little ones imitate grown up behaviour.

  9. Pincushions are progressing nicely!
    I love the shoe on DeeDee's.

  10. Gosh they are all looking great, a shame I was away for the start, would have been fun to join in...perhaps next time.

  11. The pin cushions are looking great Bubz....I wish I had a helper like that....


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