Friday, April 1, 2011

Mug Rugz, Tray Cloths, Table Mats, Hot Pads .... or whatever...

I've had reason to make a couple of little gifts lately.....

look at the prettiness who came for a close up look....

This one's staying home with me.....

some fun with stitching.....

you could say I am indulgent

.... this one is for the dog's food ....

  ..... it's reversible ......

what are you playing with this weekend?

I might play with this

'Wiscasset' Layer Cake

Whatever you do - have fun


  1. What a pretty butterfly! Gorgeous mug rugz, I can see why you are keeping the one with the little bird on, it is delightful. Still trying to catch up with all your posts!

  2. How pretty... a lucky butterfly! The bird mug rug is lovely too! I'm going to try a new block this weekend...perhaps the beginnings of a whole quilt?

  3. Your mats are lovely and I love how the dog is running back the other way when you reverse it.
    I hope to play with 'Brutus' this weekend. :o)

  4. Lovely mug rugs. Great placement with the bird fabric.
    How decadent that your four legger has a bowl rug too! Fancy!
    I have some fabric leftover from my Wiscasset layer cake if you need some more squares for your project.

  5. Oh Fiona, those mug rugz/matz are just gorgeous... I don't blame you for keeping the one with the bird for yourself...and the one for your dog is precious. I should make one of those for both Noah and the cats! Such a beautiful butterfly, too. The only thing that would probably land on me if I had my stuff outside is a Yellow Jacket...they seem to love me and I had the stings last year to prove it! :o(

    I'm going to try to get some sewing done this weekend whether my mojo comes home or not! I'm waaaaay behind on a lot of projects. Wish me luck!



  6. Yes, whatever you what to call them..I call they ART! So pretty, and I love all the detailed stitching!!

  7. Wonderful pieces, love the fabrics used as the design. I need to go through my stash and pick out some fun prints.


  8. Very cute miniquilts. Little things are fun to play with. I am going to work on my block keeper today.
    ...and a tote bag and my quilt and a crazy block and a brooch...well that's what going around in my head anyway :D

  9. Such lovely stitching. i love the bunnies and how gorgeous your fluttery friend came by. They always have to remind us don't they that we can't surpass Mother Nature.

  10. Really darling - love the decorative stitching! That butterfly is gorgeous. The dog food mat is hilarious - I LOVE it! I think my favorite is those bunnies, oh my...

  11. Gorgeous mug rugs. This weekend I'm working on my Out of the Box blocks as I've fallen a bit behind. Hope you have fun stitching away.

  12. Very pretty mug rugs :) And fancy the butterfly coming to land on it - so precious!

  13. I vote you the best mug rugger.

  14. Love the bird and fancy stitching. You have a very lucky dog too!

  15. Hello Fiona,

    This gives new meaning to the dog food called "Lucky dog". Gosh that butterfly found a home quickly,just beautiful.
    Happy stitching.

  16. I LOVE your work. It is So Inspirational! I need a new sewing machine and at the moment EVERYTHING is done by hand,UGH!
    Hugs to you,


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