Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do you have a design wall?

I don't............

I have to admit I have been most envious of some of the design walls I have seen
....... so I have improvised........

This is my small permanent board

I used a piece of firm plastic which I have repurposed from a sign - and covered it with two pieces of stiff felt side by side (the cheap stuff!)
and gave it a bit of edging.... to look smart!

it sits on my sewing table and is great for the smaller projects... this is one of the blocks I did for Maria
the blocks hold firm which helps especially when I have a number of small pieces to sew in a particular direction

with a small clip it works as a instruction sheet holder too.....

For larger projects I have a portable design wall
I got a flannel lined tablecloth (the cheap kind)

I hang it up on the cupboard doors - flannel lining facing outside

This is the back of the cupboard door


where I hang my cutting mat and rulers

.... and other important objects .....

 with a bit of fiddling I can get it over two doors

easy peasy - no pins needed

swap the blocks to make any pattern

I have also laid out all my blocks then rolled them up in the tablecloth to put away when I have needed the cupboards for other stuff

HERE is a link to another more upmarket diy design wall from Elizabeth at Oh Franson - I love it.....

Update:  Another wonderful idea from Karen at Sew Many Ways HERE
(Thanks Wanda)

Val says she uses a stretched canvas for a ready made base - great idea....

Jindi has this suggestion "I've remembered an idea someone gave me at a class...if you can find one of those room divider thingys they use in offices - you know they are about 6ft high and 3ft wide and usually covered in a felty fuzzy material - they make great portable storable design boards...whoever it was that told me had picked hers up cheap when the council redecorated or something similar"

and Maria uses same plastic flannel lined table cloth as me but has improved it by putting a hem in the top and put a rod through which she hangs on two hooks on the wall - still can come down when she doesn't need it and it does the job nicely

Sue fixed her design board over the weekend - doesn't it look great over HERE
How about joining me for a snack? - it's very yummy
Crispy sourdough french loaf
cherry tomatoes roasted in olive oil with garlic and thyme
roasted camembert cheese

serve with a glass (or several) of your favourite tipple



Jindi's Cottage said...

I do have a design wall...made it a few years ago...same design/construction principles as the one you linked to but I used two boards of canite (which I think is now discontinued - you know the stuff pinboards were made of in school back in the day)...covered with white felt bought off the roll from Cleggs (a fabric store in the Melbourne CBD as I worked in the City then)...screwed the two boards to the wall so they are a permanent is about 1850mm x 1220mm...I like your little portable one nicely finished with the braid, great for taking to classes too...I may have to "borrow" that idea if you don't mind...

Wanda said...

I have a portable design wall. I got the tutorial from Karen over at Sew Many Ways... Here are several of the design walls she has come up with. I have the one with the piping and fleece.


Unknown said...

My design wall is a bit of old chipboard covered in fabric, it works well, but I need to update the fabric as its looking tatty. It was an old pin board from my last workplace. I have the new fabric just not got around to putting it on yet, I also have bought some sewing tape to cross hatch on it to slip notes etc under.
I spoke to my son in law only last week about borrowing his staple gun to fix this up and asked him about mounting in on the wall, as it leans on the floor. Will blog about it when I get it done, maybe thats a job for Easter break, The snack looks yummy a glass of wine will go down well with that.

Kim B said...

No design wall here, a floor or table. I like your mini board though. Have a great weekend. Hugs.

Unknown said...

The Small Boards are great to have near your design wall consits of a flannelette sheet pinned to the goes with me from house to house...I will tidy it up for the New house though it does look a little tacky..but it does the trick...

WoolenSails said...

I need one since I am always putting my blocks in the wrong places when I start to sew them, lol. I have a large wall, so thinking of moving my table out and using that.


Cheryll said...

YuMmO! I'll be right just to be social of course.. nothing to do with the wine! :)

Oh and great design walls too!!!

donna said...

I did the same thing except I used batting and hang over the closet
doors. Works out pretty well until I need something in the closet.
Your snack looks yummy. I think I will have to try that.

Allie said...

EXCELLENT design wall, Fiona - whatever works and you don't have to spend a fortune on! I used to do that Oh Fransson did with the foam board, loved it but it was just too big for my room. I would have to say that a design wall really makes the difference for me, large or small - it's so much easier to really SEE things as you make them. I don't know why that is!

rozhearts said...

I too have a design wall made from canite but I have to admit it is quite annoying having to put pins in most times to hold your blocks. When I get around to it some day I am going to put felt or flannelette up so as I don't have to pin. I love my design wall anyway as it is nice sometimes to sit back and admire your work and help with the placement of blocks.
I think your little board would come in very handy next to your work area I may have to make one of these as well.
(((HUGS))) Roz.

Maria said...

Love yur small design wall. my block looks great laid out on it.
I also use a plastic flannel backed table cloth but have put a hem in the top and put a rod through which I hang on two hooks on the wall. does the job nicely.

Bev C said...

Hello Fiona,

It is interesting to hear about everyone's design walls. Yep will be over for a snack,don't worry about the wine though you can have my glass.
Happy days.

Margaret said...

I will have to make one of those I use the spare bed and carry the sqares up the wrong or right way by the time I get back to the machine most frustating. I'll be over with the others for food and drink.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I have a design FLOOR and a design BED.LOL You've done a great job coming up with yours.
My mouth is watering looking at your cheese,tomatoes and crispy sourdough.

Sheila said...

Great idea for a small design wall , perfect for blocks and small projects ,mine is not much larger , just a little longer .I did win a large wall design wall at a retreat but have no place to use it at the moment . hugs Sheila

Love Bears All Things said...

No design wall here...I like your mini one....the flannel tablecloth works well and I could just hang it in the hall when I needed to.
Now, if only....if only I could pop in for a snack and a glass of chilled wine. Bet we could occupy ourselves for hours.
Mama Bear

Miss Hillbilly said...

No room for a design wall here. I sure wish there was. I will hop over and see what Wanda posted.

Nicky said...

No design wall here - but lots of ideas for one now! I'm not so sure about your 'other important objects' though - GO the ALL BLACKS! lol

Quilt Kitty said...

After seeing Elizabeth's blog post I woke up this morning thinking I need a portable design wall, about block size. This will stop me doing it on the portable ironing block beside my sewing machine & then having to move it all to press. Now I have more ideas from you - thanks! Tracee xx

Valspierssews said...

I have room for a design wall but I am too tight to buy the wadding to make it work. I use a large stretched canvas that actually has one of my daughter's paintings on it. Your supper looks yummy but I can't eat cheese.

Cyndi said...

I think your solution for a design wall is a good one, Fiona. And the little board is fantastic because you can just reach out and grab the blocks you need to sew. I don't have a "real" design wall either. They were selling "portable" design walls at the International Quilt Festival, but they were quite pricey. I just used thumb tacks and put a piece of batting on one of the walls in the hallway outside my sewing far that seems to work well, but my cats like to go behind it and play so sometimes I have to pin the blocks on it. Kinda defeats the purpose, eh? :o)



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