Friday, April 29, 2011

Hexie Fever????

To start with I'd like us to all spare a thought for those many people in USA who have experienced vicious and frightening storms, floods, fires etc
we seem to be taking turns in these disasters
my thoughts and prayers are with you

Just in time I have finished my Christmas goodies for Allie-Oops Sweet Happy Life this month
(I love saying that blog name - Allie-Oops Sweet Happy Life - can't help but bring a smile!)

they are actually UFO's from last Christmas's plans ...... so I feel doubly happy these are done.... and they are pretty cute too!

What is it about little piles that is so appealing?

and now my little project box is empty again

Started with a little stitchery.... the hexi needs to have enough at the edge to allow for the binding... ....otherwise just make it any size you like.....

I traced my picture then added a piece of Pellon on the back -
to stabilize and give a little bit of padding
(well - I have padding why shouldn't my stitching!)

If doing itty bitty little hexies it will be easier to cut the shape after stitching
... mine are about 5" from point to opposite point......

Cut the backing and binding hexie about 3/4" larger than the little stitchery one
This could be larger... or smaller - depending on how deep you want your binding to be

... wrong sides together.....
fold and pin the backing/binding over to the front of the stitchery

fold.... pin.... fold.... pin ...
....sing song singalong......

stitch..... of course hand stitching is allowed and encouraged as much as machine stitching

display, photograph, blog, accept compliments, enjoy ..........

I am undecided about decorations (in which case I will add a little hanging thread doolittle)
or coasters (in which case I will freak out if someone spills on them)

........ reward yourself with a snack ...........

these are biscuits widget and I made over Easter... stars for Easter???
.... well, I'm not about to argue with an almost 2 year old......

I'm going over HERE to see what other Christmas goodies have been made - there is always so much inspiration I know my project box is going to have more in very soon!



  1. Love your hexies :) That's how I did mine too. Pretty addictive !

  2. They are really great and I love the little tutorial as well. Guess what I'll be trying next?!

  3. I am SOOO Loving these! Such creativity!! They (or at the very least, something very similar) will surely be on my 'what to try next?' list!! Thankyou for the tutorial! You should be VERY proud of these!!!!

  4. The bug has got you too!!! I love the embroidery...way too cute and beautiful!

  5. What beautiful stitchery...and a great story to go with it....

  6. Your embroidered hexies are really cute!

  7. Fiona you have done well with all those hexies,i have been told they are addictive once you start,lol.
    You have been very busy.

  8. Hexies seem to be everywhere. You have done well with all yours and the bikkies look yum! I am still resisting the hexies but I don't know how long I can hang out.

  9. Such little cuties Fiona!
    Love the tut too! Well done! :)

  10. The hexies are just sweet , love all those cute little stitcheries and the tutorial was great!

  11. visiting via Allie's blog. Those are the cutest hexies ever. Thanks for showing how you do the outside trim.

  12. Oh Fiona those are too darling! The little stitcheries are perfect - as is your binding! You should be very proud of these. I say add a hanger, don't let anyone spill on them ever!

  13. Those hexies are really cute and thanks for that tutorial; I saw another example but yours is much easier for me. MMM gotta check out that link. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Kim

  14. They are all so cute. Great finish. I am glad to see that I was not the only one who finished something they started last year.

  15. EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeek an empty project box - you need to get some stuff kitted up to work on, lol! ;)

    Your hexies are adorable, and congratulations on completing a well-aged UFO - that always feels wonderful! I'm famous in my family now for having mailed Christmas 2009 gifts last year after I mailed them their 2010 gifts - I don't think I'll ever live that one down! :D

  16. Wonderful idea for ornaments and something quick and easy.


  17. Those are so cute. What a great gift idea. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll have to try some of those.

  18. Those hexies are so sweet!!!! I'm copying the tutorial!

  19. Your hexies are so cute. Your stichtery is so beautiful. It inspires me.

  20. Oh, I am loving these little hexies. Wonderful!!

  21. Fiona, thanks for posting these! I love them and loved that you showed how to do them! Thanks, very inspiring!

  22. Hello Fiona, I love hexagons.....they are addictive....a lass in our quilting group is making a quilt out of 1/2 inch hexies....made over two thousand to date...hugs lyn

  23. First time visitor
    Looks like I may Follow
    love your needlework turned into hexies.


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