Monday, April 18, 2011

Some stitching......

The second 'Tis the Season block for April is completed for SAL:
~ it's been such fun seeing all the different colourways ~

I'm planning on tracing out a couple more of these blocks for some other goodies.... they are such sweet designs.....

In the Christmas Block Swap I received two lovely Christmas Trees from Teena (no blog) :

Teena asked for any Star in traditional colours... this was my effort.....

These are some blocks I have had lurking in the cupboard for ages waiting to be stitched:

  to be made up into a bag this week.....

I did finish two of these lovely little stitcheries
we are not in spring but other people are!!
~ they have gone travelling to where there really is SPRING ~

The pattern was found at feeling stitchy
 (sorry I can't find the actual page now... but there is lots and lots of inspiration there)

PS.  I updated my post on my design walls following ideas from others..... go HERE for an update
I will be making some changes to mine
..... well I have asked Tall Handsome for advice which means "Please do this little job for me?"



  1. Such pretty things! And I'd love some space for a design wall but I'll have to settle for the floor at the moment! Good luck on getting your other half to do that 'little' job for you!

  2. Fiona you have been a very busy girl they all look great

  3. Your stichtery is so pretty. Sounds like you have been busy.

  4. Lovely stitcheries. Busy weekend :-)
    I love how your ask your hubby to do things, with just a hint.

  5. Lots of lovely work. Have a great day

  6. Super stitchery. I do love that little Christmas ones and all those spring ones. I am going to get back to stitching now that I got moved and all settled in. Hugs, Kim

  7. Lots of Lovely Stitching going on ...Great Job.

  8. Your stitcheries are so pretty and fun!! I think your new nickname should be...BuzyBubz....just sayin'...LOL

  9. I really like the Christmas stitchery and the spring one looks good in the embroidery ring. I am off to follow the links you left.

  10. Love that reindeer, a fun piece.
    Lots of wonderful stitcheries, I really enjoy making them too.


  11. Darling Christmas block, I love the stripy fabric around it - very festive! Your trees are great, how many will you have? Love the star too. Can't wait to see your bag, those stitcheries are great. But the Spring design - that is AWESOME! I'll have to go look for that. Love Feeling Stitchy!

  12. Such
    great work....just love all ... bet you cant.... wait for christmas .....

  13. Hello Fiona,

    Is is Christmas time???? Just love the blocks you made and received.
    Happy Monday.

  14. Wow! I feel positively lazy! All beautiful.

  15. Wow you have been busy. I have this months Tis the Season stitcheries done, just have to put the borders on.. I wonder what you are going to do with the extra stitcheries....

  16. Beautiful work, I do love your spring stitcheries, they really are gorgeous. You have been busy.

  17. You are awfully stitchy....everything looks just awesome!!

  18. You have some great stitchery work done!

  19. Really lovely work , you have been super busy with your stitcheries , beautiful!

  20. Lovely blocks!! The star is sweet, I am sure she will like it... yes it is spring here and not too hot yet thank goodness!

  21. What a lot of gorgeous stitching! Love your TTS block, and your pretty spring gifts.

  22. love those trees!
    I love your tis the season stitcheries and I popped over to see all the gorgeous blocks people have done. You have inspired me to start this project too! The book was waiting for me in my holiday mail. Yippee.


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