Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Pincushion

Last week Val's pincushion base arrived at my house

Val is a new blogger..... I love the new teacup fabric she has just bought
- pop over HERE and have a look -
do say Hi and welcome!

Val is wanting us to sew a bit about where we live.  I am just outside Toowoomba which is called the 'Garden City' - our largest festival is the Spring Carnival of Flowers....
~ this is what I added to the pincushion ~

~ lots of little french knots in those sunflowers ~

Now it's on its way to DeeDee in Texas, USA
DeeDee does an amazing assortment of crafts - pop over HERE and have a look
~ happy travels ~

Sue has already finished her round of Marina's pincushion
that must be the happiest pony I have ever seen
pop over and see it HERE

Stitching day for me.....


  1. love your garden city additions to the pincushion-to-be!

  2. Lovely bright sunflowers to brighten the sewing space. Perfect contribution from a resident of Garden City in the Sunshine state.
    The pincushions look like they are a lot of fun already.

  3. I LOVE your sunflowers!!!!!!!!!

  4. your flowers and apple tree are gorgeous!
    can't wait till the first round gets to my place.

  5. Fiona, I love what you've done. This is sooooo much fun. Thanks.

  6. Love this travelling pincushion notion (and your flowers are pretty darned spiffy)...

  7. The flowers are so colourful... just like your city!

  8. What a sweet addition , I love it .You must live in a beautiful city ! I like the idea of adding something about where you live , that is really a nice idea !

  9. I love what you added to the pincushion.

  10. Hi Fiona, Your flowers are just beautiful and I love the apple tree. I hope I can do just as well on Dianne's pincushion base.
    This is going to be such fun.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  11. Gorgeous sunflowers - these look like lots of fun. How big are the circles to begin with?

  12. Fiona,
    How great is this pincushion stitch around turning out to be! I love the sunflowers and Sue's horse is adorable!! The next time you do something like this I am in!

  13. love your garden additions... I got mine from Shelia done and will be off monday to Sandi...what fun this is..

  14. I just love the flowers you have added to the pin cushion.


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