Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Surprises ...... and some stitching....

We had another frog in the house but this time I had more than a towel round me!!
~ he was in the kitchen so I had my apron on ~

such a cute little fellow

I had to rescue Tall Handsome .... AGAIN.....

I was lucky enough to win a charm pack (Garden Party) from Cyndi at Bluebird's Wing
~ the amazing Queen of Bag Makers ~

She had a birthday so decided to give presents away
how's that for style?

The charm pack arrived with friends...... lots of friends
Thanks Cyndi...... love ya......

I swap blocks on a monthly basis and this months blocks (seen HERE ) I swapped with Marie who does gelatin dying.... it's really amazing..... have a look what she sent me with her block ...

I am not sure what I am going to make with these - any suggestions?
they are interesting enough to be framed as pictures

DES and DIL - soon to be first time parents, belonger of THIS quilt, sent me a selection of threads
I loved the comment that came with them
"For Your Next Masterpiece"
~ how sweet is that? ~

(I've started a little masterpiece - and I will be using some of these threads - for the little new to be family member)
(well two actually - one in pink and one in blue!!)
~ only 5 weeks to go ~

Michelle, Queen of Rabbity Goodness had a lovely set of quotes as free patterns last year
I am using them on various articles and gifts
"Anything is Possible if You Wish Hard Enough"
is used here

some drawstring bags I made for the GumTree Designers New Beginnings Flood Appeal
such a lot was made and collected for distribution
a wonderful effort by so many

Right - coffee time... with fresh Savoury Muffins - new recipe


  1. We've had froggy visitors too lately. I'll have to read the rest of your posts and find out about that towel incident. I am WAY behind on blog reading ;)

  2. froggie in the house?!! I don't believe that has ever happened at my home. i don't know how I would take it. i'd probably scream from surprise. did you scream?

  3. Your Kids know how to shop for you don't they...Nice Threads..
    Lovely Bags too...more for the collection..

  4. wow what a cute little frog, we get a lot outside but none inside, think my jack russell would soon sort them out if they dared to come into his domain!!

  5. Love all your mail....just awesome.

  6. Wonderful post today, so many interesting things you shared.
    We moved to AZ from Florida, used to have those little green frogs stuck around all the damp places. Cute little "suction cup" at end of each toe. LOL

  7. We had the same thing here last night Bubz....our fellow was a bit your creations, I think they would look fantastic in a frame....lots happening at your place...

  8. Love the draw string bags very pretty...and the ladies will love them.....
    and the gelatin dying. can't wait to see the end result... in a project that you will complete with them...

  9. Gotta love your postman!
    what loveliness are you making for your new grandbaby? No sneek peaks?

  10. Oooh, a new look for your blog. At first I thought google reader redirected me somehow. I do not know what size your two gelatin dyed pieces, but I would make journal covers. You can add some charms, stitching, or just leave them as be. Have fun with them...will look forward to see what you do with them.

  11. With all these frog visits you must be starting to think up a frog design by now ;-) Great gifts too ,lucky you! The bags you made for New Beginning are really sweet and I am sure they will be treasured . hugs Sheila

  12. He's a cute wee guy! Love your gifts - and your bags are beauties, so pretty.

  13. Hi fabulous Fiona,
    Froggies must bring good luck as you received wonderful gifts.

  14. What a lot of lovely things you have to show. I love those dyed pieces.

  15. You are my critter hero!
    I do loooooove to hear the frogs singing in the moonlight. I have a large pond behind my house. It's so nice that you help the lost little wee one's find their way. A kind heart you do have!
    Glad the quotes are coming in handy for lots of fun things! I do love to spread happy!
    xx, shell

  16. oohh I Love your little frog visitor, so cute!


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