Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Colour Swap and a Tuesday Treasure

I was very excited to recieve my colour swap from Kerri today....

There was two spools of thread, some buttons, yummy caramel chocolate treats, a fat quarter and the 'something pretty' is a lovely coffee mug bag and matching dish-cloth.....

The mug bag is beautifully made and has a nice firm base..... lovely stitching... Thanks Kerri - I just love it all..... and thanks to Maree for hosting this fun swap....

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the pack of goodies I sent but Lisa has a picture HERE
(I wonder where the choccies went?)

but I did have a picture of the 'something pretty' needlecase in yellows
I used a vintage doily with lovely handwork on it

This week Melody who hosts Tuesday Treasure is not feeling well - lots of thoughts to her
.... she is a treasure herself so I hope she feels much better very  soon....

This is not a clear picture (I don't seem to be able to focus when it is little things)
This is a little brass bell - a dutch couple
I remember this bell on my Grandma and Grandpa's dining room table
Grannie used to ring it after we had finished the first course and the domestic servant would run in and collect the plates and then bring our puddings out
Grannie was an excellent cook and the meals were wonderful

I have tried ringing it but it doesn't seem to have the same effect on Hubz
~ SIGH ~


  1. Lovely mug bag and goodies lucky you. The needle case you made was so sweet with that doily. The little bell is a lovely memory for you of your Gran and it wouldn't work for me either lol!

  2. Good idea, to use the doyley for a needle case - I have many doyleys which could be re-purposed! Perhaps Hubz needs more training......

  3. Very cute brass bell! Funny how husbands have 'selective hearing'!

  4. You are a lucky girl, lovely colour swap parcel, the dutch couple bell is absolutely gorgeous, My husband would just ignore also :-) Cheers Kaylee

  5. What lovely things you have shown us today. I think the trick with the bell is to start when they're kids. You will end up with a DIL who will adore you! :)

  6. what a lovely blue mug bag. The stitching is sweet.
    The needlecase is a lovely way to utilise a pretty doily. Love it.
    If you want hubz to come when you ring a bell you better get a bigger bell!

  7. Oh Fiona you made me laugh with the comment about your dearest and nearest. Lovely swap gifts and re-purposing the doiley is a fab idea.
    Happy days.

  8. I love your mug bag. Pity the bell doesn't work :)

  9. What a cute mug rug....and that needle case is soooo wonderful!

  10. Lovely mug bag and I love the needlecase you made .Your treasure for this week is so cute , too bad it doesn't work as well for you ;-)hugs Sheila

  11. Love the yellow needle case. I have a few doilies that I picked up at garage sales and antique shops that I could use. Great idea!

  12. What wonderful treasures.
    I do love that needle case, what a great idea.
    What a shame your bell doesn't work :-)

    Great to play along with you.

  13. Love the things that Kerri sent you. And the needle case is just beautiful.

  14. Such a sweet gift you got! And I love the little needlecase you made, how darling and what a great way to save vintage linens. I think your little bell is wonderful - but if you want it to have an effect on hubz, you'll need a much bigger bell!

  15. Thanks you for your kind word. I hope you like your gift. It was fun making it.
    Your needle case is so cute. Also love your Tuesday treasure too. Very sweet.

  16. Oh I do love my coffee too! How fun is this mug bag!!
    xx, shell


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