Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lights, Labour and Laughter

When I went off to the Tip shop a few weeks ago to find my birdcage to make THIS I also found some of those old fashioned glass light fittings - you know those ones everyone throws out when they do a bit of renovation......

Don't they make lovely tea-light protectors - we love to sit outdoors but it does get a bit windy so I needed some! I think I'll go back there and get a few more............

When we moved to our house 5 years ago EVERYTHING was pink - now I have no problem with pink - in fact I quite like pink - but not EVERYWHERE....
(Can you see those stains in the top left hand picture?)

I diligently painted all the walls and doors but neglected the skirting boards. We have finally decided to replace the flooring with floating floor and new carpets in the bedrooms - so the last couple of weeks I I have been grovelling on my knees changing these:-

into these:-

As you can see I haven't been too careful - those carpets are GOING, GOING.......

I need a break and some therapy so ....... I'm off with a couple of girlfriends for a 2 hour road trip to BrisVegas to go to this ............

Craft Fair Friend

Strict budget but I am easily led astray .......


  1. have fun at the craft fair with your friends.......

  2. I have some lights pretty similar to that in my living room, which I would like to replace when we get round to doing the renovations - perhaps I should reuse them rather than throw them! LOL They look pretty with the tea lights in them. Hope you have a wonderful trip to the Craft Fair.

  3. Have fun at the fair! I remember those lights, very 70s aren't they. We had similar ones in a place we lived at in....oh....about 1976!

  4. Craft Fair is so much fun. Have a great time and hope you find some awesome bargains.

  5. Oooh deja-vous, that's what we were doing a couple of years ago ... except our old carpet was dull old grey. It's gone now and (most of) the painting is done :o).
    Might see you at the show tomorrow, thinking I might venture down there too :o).
    Joy :o)

  6. I love home I hope you show us the end results after your rugs are gone....that is begging.

  7. Oh my - I love pink too but not everywhere! My house had pink carpet in the living room when I moved in, only took a few years to get rid of it, lol. Have fun at the Craft Fair!

  8. Great idea with the tea lights... and I just love lights like that around the garden xxx

  9. Loving those tealights Fiona.. what a great idea. I would be going back to get more too. Have fun at the craft fair - budget? what budget?

  10. What a neat idea for candle holders.
    Have fun!
    Mama Bear

  11. Hi Fiona. Gosh I love those glass light fittings. I've never seen any like that before and I'm old. That was a great idea to make garden lights with them, they're so pretty! Can't wait to see your new floors. You deserve the break after all that painting. Hope you have a wonderful time and stay safe.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  12. Have heaps of fun and make sure you bring home heaps of treasures to show us all!

  13. How very clever of you to think of using those light shades in that manner , they really look wonderful !Hope you had fun at the craft fair.

  14. Oh have fun, and never mind the strict budget! ;-)


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