Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stitchers Lament

Thanks to Teresa from All Things Vintage for the inspiration to make this delightful picture poem...... have you see hers over HERE  Whilst you are there have a scroll through her blog - there are lots of lovely things to look at..

Joy at Joy's Quilts is hosting October "Finishing Stitches" for UFO's and Blocks...... this was so motivational for me last month so I have signed up again......  Perhaps those lurkers will be dealt with.....

You can read all about it HERE.  Come join us - it is fun seeing what everyone else has done each week at Joys Sew and Tell time...

And just in case you need some fabric....... (need I ask???) Jenny of Elefants is having a sale.... 15% off her ebay items.... you can read about it and find the link over HERE - I wonder what deliciousness you want in your house......

The Wonder of the Week is the 'Next' button for the Google Reader..... Thanks to Chookyblue for sharing with us this LINK which was sent to her.......  This is saving me so much time and makes it much easier to make comments......  It only seems to pick up blogs you are 'following' rather than in the 'reading list'.... as I go along I am updating and 'following'.  Chookyblues next post talks about that too.......

Lots of links..... lots of pictures.... now I'm off to play..... 

Oh.... I nearly forgot..... Cake and Flowers for Tuesday's Birthday girl.... !!

First flush of the roses....



  1. That poem is my life!
    I am creative I don't need to be tidy (that's my excuse anyway!)

  2. I love this! I have the pattern, I really need to make this.

  3. Ok, I love it! Where do I get the pattern?!!!! I NEED to have one of those hanging on my wall.. you should see my sewing room at the moment.... argh!
    Thanks for promoting Finishing stitches :) I'm sure we will get lots done!

  4. love the poem and the piccies...especially the "hair" one!

  5. Love love love that quilt, it's my life too! Love the pics you did to go along with it. The cake and flowers look delicious!!

  6. Bubz....very cute stitchery wall hanging...

  7. Thank you so much for coming to my rescue! After a couple of attempts we got the button in place, and there was me thinking blogging was just putting up comments and piccies! Will keep the info for next time.

  8. Oh goodness, that wall hanging is the cutest ever! Great work, girl!

  9. Thanks for the smile for today , that is just too darn cute , love it !!

  10. I just love your little stitcheries, they are so delightful, and so apt!!

  11. the next button is working well for me and with all the blogs I have in google reader..........nice to know your enjoying it though..........
    I love this stitchery too..........might have to make it up..

  12. You've been peeking in my windows!!! Never was a truer word spoken or stitched. LOVE IT!!


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