Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Treasures.... and a bit of slicing & dicing ....

Melody is hosting Tuesday Treasures again this year... this time on a monthly basis....  

It's a lovely time to sit and think about what you might be treasuring, be it a place, a thing, or whatever and I always enjoy searching for something to share and also going and visiting and seeing other peoples treasures....

You can link up HERE if you would like to join in too....

This month I am treasuring the visitors to my garden.........I am very lucky to live where quite a few different and pretty birds frequent our bird bath and snack area...

There is a lovely variety of birds ... and others which have been to quick to capture a good picture... but almost all day someone is there for a snack or a bath.... and I love the few lizards/gecko's that come around too - poor little frogs are very quiet in this heat...

They are a real treasure to me, even if I don't own them... and I would sorely miss the entertainment they provide.

On the sewing front I started sorting through scraps... and cutting up pieces to use....

this is one quilt I want to work towards having seen a few of these started around blogland
Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips Around the World
her instructions for making these blocks are HERE
and the long strips are for that

picture courtesy of Bonnies site

last year Terry hosted a Scrappy Stars sewalong using this block
Instructions found HERE
so smaller pieces of scraps are being piled up to go towards these..

Evening Star Quilt Block Pattern

Have a look at Terry's flimsy from these blocks HERE to get an idea of what a lovely quilt I will have.... one day.....

Meanwhile I have finished some of the threadcatchers... and I thought I would make use to put the scraps from my scraps whilst I was slicing....

I may need a larger version?

Righto, Gotto Go... treasures to watch, scraps to slice.....


  1. I love your feathery friends...Nature always provides wonderful treasures. One of my favorite things to do also.
    Looks like there will be no time to be bored in your sewing room this year and yes I think you will need a bigger one. Lol.

  2. such lovely treasures Fiona i am like you with the birds we have so many out here as well and they are a delight to watch.xx

  3. Oh what lovely treasures!!! We don't have very many colorful birds around here. Is that a kookaburra? I still remember the song, lol.
    Love the quilts you're working on, Fiona, and yes, you need a bigger basket!

  4. Beautifully arranged scraps!! You will need to finish off all those other thread catchers so you can fill them! Lovely birds...

  5. A love the visitors to my garden too. As always beautiful sewing

  6. Pretty birdies! Our frogs have been quiet lately, it's been quite hot.....they have probably found a cool shady spot, as would anyone with any sense. You need a bucket-sized thread catcher, I think!

  7. Nature gives us such beautiful treasures :)
    Perhaps you need to make a scrap catcher.

  8. Saw that ''trip around the world'' this morning and thought it looked great all scrappy and a wonderful idea as well... and I love Terry's star blocks and I am thinking my blue scraps need reducing.... xxxx

  9. I love visitors of the feathered and furry kind. Don't mind some scaley ones either although I really don't welcome cane toads or snakes though fortunately haven't seen any in our yard.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  10. Love our little feathered friends & I certainly have a frog or two around the place too. I woke up this morning & the reticulation was going to find two Galahs having fun in the front garden under the water. A happy thing to start the day watching. I'm off to have a look at that stars link. Tracee xx

  11. hmmm. Those are great scrapbuster quilts. Got to tame my scraps soon. Your visitors are so gorgeous.
    Definitely a bigger thread catcher is needed.
    Hugs. xx

  12. Oh my you have the most beautiful birds to enjoy , indeed treasures .I think I will share my birds in the am.not as pretty but I love them all the same.Great scrappy quilts in your future , I also want to do Terry's stars ,I love those.

  13. You'll love making the star blocks. It's a great way to use up scraps! :0)

  14. You are so fortunate to have these lovely creatures visiting. I bet they appreciate the refuge of your garden too, with the heat we are having. Feel for all the animals in the bush with all the fires in so many states.
    Keep that cutting and sewing going!

  15. Aussie birds are just so beautiful... can't wait to see them again! Not so keen on the reptiles though :)
    Cutting scraps is a big job isn't it? Yes, you need a bigger "scrap catcher"! xxx

  16. We have lots of birds visit too, it is such a privilege to have wild birds in the garden, and I much prefer it to one in a cage. My thread catcher looks like yours.......well used.

  17. Your birds and animals are beautiful and precious! I love the scrappy trip around the world too, but I think I had better finish Easy Street first!

  18. Just a slightly larger thread catcher for all those scraps!

  19. You have such beautiful birds there! Ours are just black or brown!
    Looks like you'll need all twelve of those thread catchers for yourself!

  20. Gorgeous feathered friends Fiona, we encourage birds to our garden too, but sometimes wish they would share the fruit with us, Cheers R.

  21. Loving your visitors Fiona.. They are the best pets we could have..
    Have popped the link for Bonnie's quilt in my Favorites BUT I really don't need a new project just yet.LOL

  22. Lovely little collection of visitors. They must feel safe in your surrounds.
    I have my eye on that strippy trip around the world too.

  23. Pretty birds, will be interesting to see your quilt grow, your quilts are always lovely

  24. Your garden must be a great place to sit in with so many colourful visitors! All of these except the little blue and yellow parrot visit my garden also!

  25. How beautiful are the birds that come to visit in your garden Fiona - lucky you. Love scrap quilts - look forward to seeing yours when finished

  26. love all the little visitors to your garden.
    that scrappy project is a doozie!
    all ready putting your scrap baskets to use too.

  27. Lovely bird pictures. There sure have been lots of birds around here this year.

    I think scrap catchers must be a different size?
    Love all your scraps.

  28. Oh what lovely garden visitors...we don't have anything near that colorful but they are such a pleasure to watch, aren't they.
    Love the projects you have in mind.
    I didn't join SAL this time but I am enjoying seeing all the little projects you all are doing.
    Mama Bear

  29. Great bird and reptile photos! Jealous, as we only see some of these birds occasionally in our garden, but l have put in a bird bath to encourage them to visit more often.
    I have also started the Bonnie Hunter Scrappy Trip around the world, made nine blocks, but my strips were already cut out. I am loving using the strips which have been cut for a year or so and the quick results, so looking forward to seeing your first blocks.

  30. You have some beautiful birds outside your back door! My oldest daughter and her room mate have a couple of these birds for pets but of coarse they live indoors. You are going to have some fun projects to work on soon!

  31. Oh what beautiful treasures you are sharing this month. They are all so precious. I wouldlove to wake up to thise guys each day.

  32. Bonjour from France.

    Just popped over from Melody's to wish you a Bonne Annee and admire your treasure.

    Our French garden birds are very drab by comparison, but treasured nonetheless.

    Lovely post.

    Fiona x

  33. I enjoyed seeing the visitors to your garden, beautiful photos


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