Saturday, January 26, 2013

FNSI results

Happy Australia Day

these are the chocolates I had to keep me going for FNSI

(now I said I was no desserts, no cakes... nothing about no chocolates)

this is what I finished off last evening

 very happy with my couch's new look

did you notice what is in the corner?

haha... gotta have a spider in the corner for a spiderweb quilt???

53" x 93"

I didn't add wadding.. with the scraps it is quite heavy and I wanted it more of a throw for this purpose....

I did stitch in the ditch to hold it together

if it's not a quilt I wonder if it is called quilting
maybe I just 'throwed' it together

did some wiggle wiggles along the piano key border... I wanted a bit of stiffness to hold the edges down

not the usual bias... I used 2" double fold and then sewed it on the back and folded the whole piece over to the front
(all machine work)

just the last bits done last evening and then I got out the hand sewing.. not much of that done... great game of tennis on the TV

This is another UFO done ... has been in the blocks stage for a while

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, long weekend here in Aus and our rellies arrive on Sunday night

For those who are shared the love about my cleaning frenzy
I share this poem

My neighbour is washing her windows,
And scrubbing and mopping her floors,
But my house is all topsy and turvey,
And dust is behind the doors.
My neighbour, she keeps her house spotless,
And she goes all day on a trot:
But no one would know in a fortnight
If she swept today or not.
The task I am at is enticing –
My neighbour is worn to a rag –
I am making a quilt out of pieces
I saved in a pretty chintz bag.
And the quilt, I know my descendants
Will exhibit with credit to me –
“So lovely – my grandmother made it
Long ago in 1933”.
But will her grandchildren remember
Her struggles with dirt and decay?
They will not – they will wish she had made them
The quilt I am making today.

Elizabeth Ryan DeCoursey

(Thanks to my friend Helen who sent me this...)

Righto, Gotto Go... Australia Day to enjoy (widget's coming to play)


  1. Happy Australia Day, I love your spider quilt. The real spider is the right finishing touch.

  2. Love the spider.....of course a spider web quilt needs a spider! I like how you have finished your edges.

  3. Your spiderweb quilt is amazing! And I love the spider you added! I don't think I could ever sit on it's just too pretty! :0)

  4. Fantastic quilt Love it
    Happy Australia day

  5. that is one stunning throw Fiona and i love the spider it is a great touch,well done and have fun with widget and enjoy your long weekend.xx

  6. happy Australia Day! You can call the spider web a wagga as it doesnt have wadding!

  7. How true is that poem it...and the quilt too! Have a great day xo

  8. Fat quarters aren't fabric, and chocolates aren't desserts - that's the NEW reality, and I like it!

    Great quilt (oh how I love scrappy!), especially the spider :) Love the poem too - it's as true today as it was 80 years ago!

  9. I love how your throw looks on the couch, complete with spider. Unfortunately I have too many real ones in my outdoor area. Your poem really sums it up beautifully. I love to think of my quilts warming and "hugging" my descendants long after I'm gone.

  10. Very nice. Love the spider. Looks great on the lounge. Hugs,xx.

  11. very nice! The tip about not putting batting inbetween is a good one, especially for a throw to be used here in Australia ;-)

  12. Beautiful!
    Your spider looks perfectly at home in her pretty web.
    Happy Australia Day.

  13. that looks fantastic!
    Happy Australia Day

  14. Your quilt looks fantastic! Love the spider, too! And that poem is so perfect! I totally agree with it! :o) Thanks for sharing it!

  15. I'm sure it will be a hit with the rellies and Widget coming to look - love those chocolates - hope you kept some for the rellies too.

  16. The spider is a great addition and I do love the quilt. Looks wonderful and I suppose if it doesn't have wadding it will be so easy to just chuck in the wash when it needs it too. Enjoy your visitors too

  17. Oh my I am still laughing, legs really crossed, guffawing. Love your throwed together throw, and your itsy bitsy spider is a masterstroke!!! You really do brighten my day Fiona, and today is no exception :) Have a fantastic Australia Day!

  18. Perfect chocolates for Australia Day!!
    Your quilt throw has turned out so well. I do love the spider to finish it off. Some nifty thinking there with the binding, too. It has turned out to be perfect for your couch.
    Enjoy Australia Day and all the best for when the rellies arrive tomorrow.

  19. Love your quilt, a spider was the perfect add.
    Oh, and happy Aussie Day, also thanks for sharing the poem.

  20. I love the addition of the spider and your quilt throw is perfect. Have fun with your visitors. I am sure it will be an emotional time when you hand them their special quilt. hugs

  21. The throw looks lovely Fiona! I love the little spider you added to it - really *makes* the quilt!! Looks fantastic upon your couch!!

  22. Hello Fiona,

    Happy Australia Day to you and your family. Your quilt is just perfect for that couch. I love that poem, it could be about my neighbour.

    Happy days.

  23. your spider quilt looks amazing, I so love it and the little spider is a superb touch!! how clever.
    such a great poem...

  24. Oh, I love that throw, and the spider in the corner-that could be fun

  25. Very VERY fun quilt Fiona, and the poem is delightful. I must keep that one handy!

  26. I love your spider quilt, it almost looks a bit like stain glass! Love the spider too! Gorgeous solution for dressing up your couch, hugs Wendy

  27. Great job on the quilted throw. I love the spider accessory.

  28. It is lovely, nice and bright. Hope your In Laws liked it too! lol
    Not that keen on the spider... I don't like spiders!

  29. I love it! Even the spider in the corner

  30. I love your spider quilt.
    Hope you are having a great Australia Day too.

  31. Oh it turned out fabulous and I just love your spider.

    Really love that poem. It's something for us all to remember when we are worrying about our 'mess'. Especially me. ;o)

  32. It's really lovely Fiona. The spider is a wonderful addition. Hugs....

  33. Love your 'throwed together' quilt. Well done. Also love the poem. Thanks made me feel better Lol.

  34. Happy Australia Day to you girl. I just love what you've done with that quilt. Gotta love the spider of course!!! lol.
    Cheers, Anita.

  35. Great quilt, love how you have finished it totally uplifting for your sofa. Great poem too, always wonder how no one comes when it is spik and span the minute it looks a mess everyone comes round lol

  36. I love, love, love your spider web quilt! Happy Australia day.

  37. Love the spider! Your quilt is lovely!

  38. A great poem..and the cover looks what you have done with it..even the spider!!

  39. Oh My!! Fiona the spider web quilt is just amazing, well done my friend, what a lot of work, and yes the spider in the corner is the cutest 8-legger ever...
    Great idea with the binding x

  40. A quilter needs energy to accomplish their tasks and what better then chocolate.
    I love your spider web quilt, specially the spider, it looks so appropriate.

  41. Absolutely beautiful quilt/throw Fiona.

  42. That is absolutely perfect! Love the spider....Then only kind I like!!!!

  43. Tis a gorgeous quilt, I love it!!!

  44. Love the finished quilt Fiona! Not so sure about the little guy who's made it his home.....?


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