Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Time........

Weekends are always wonderful...... although I don't have an outside paying job I still love weekends..... Hubz is home and I can get lots of little jobs done - or at least I can supervise them!!!!

I worked hard on Carol's Stitching Around the Block - the tiny weeny hexagons......

There seems to be lots of different instructions for doing these - but being a first timer - and them hexi's being so tiny I made cardboard templates, basted, starched, pressed, pinned and stitched very, very carefully.....

The writing stitchery was fiddly too........ although it almost drove me to drink - but Marina (who has been great moral support through this crisis) warned me about the wine turning hexagons into octagons.......

Those little snails found themselves in the hexies too.................

And is that another crazy lady????

The stitchery is now on its way to the UK to visit Lorraine who will work on the next round.

Whilst I sat and stitched the oven was on......

Lovely moist coconut and pecan cake
So yum.....
So very yum......

My favourite magazine hit the stands this week.  One thing I am so enjoying is seeing blog friends in print - and getting to 'know' designers.

Roslyn from Bloom has her first project in it - she has made this beautiful sewing machine cover. 
I love the linen look.  

you can read more about it HERE
Well done - it is beautiful.  BTW Bloom does lovely photography and has lovely garden pictures to look at as well as lovely sewing.

Lisa from A Spoonfull of Sugar has designed this cushion in Cathedral Window prettiness

You can read more about it HERE

Well, I'd love to make both of these projects - so I will be marking the pages.... but first I need to work on this quilt...

and Jenny has sent us the last of the Daisy-Do blocks

and I need to make the stocking for Grandiegirl ....
(I found the perfect angle 'hair' and 'eyes' today)

and the advent calenders.....
(96 buttons to sew)

and the felt decorations...

and the slippers....



......... you understand don't you?.......

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you will be doing.


  1. You are doing a fantastic job on the block Bubz...I need to start on my second round...yummy cake...and how talented is Ros (one of our Club Quilt members) she is one amazing girl...

  2. Wow you have done a great job!! Even added a little snail on the hexies-very impressive!
    I am having issues with the stitchery aagh, might need that bottle of wine at my place seeing as you didn't drink it.I really like the sewing machine cover. Cathedral windows sound really hard?

  3. Oh the block is looking lovely and I love how you have sewn the snail on the hexagon. Good thinking! Oh I'm worried about my attempt now...

  4. The block is lovely well done for the hexies, have you caught the hexie bug now? i have signed up for Homespun but will have to wait for it to wing its way out here.

  5. If the hexagons are tiny weeny, then you little snail must be itty bitty little!!! Gorgeous stitching :)

  6. Yep I sure do understand. Working on 3 table runners at once and decorations, and dolls and and and.......its doing my head in. I got my Homespun the other day. I have a feew things in there I want to make!

  7. Fantastic job Fiona, I knew you could make those teeny tiny hexies and you really did a wonderful job.This looks like a really pretty project ,can't wait to see the final outcome. You have lots to keep you busy in the next while but then I guess we all do ;-0 Sure wish that magazine was around here .

  8. Looks like you did a wonderful job on the hexies. Such a pretty piece of work. I am not familiar with that magazine but it looks like a great one. Hope you have a great weekend, I hope your husband gets a little rest too (ha ha)

  9. I know! All of a sudden it is 3 weeks until Thanksgiving and then we'll be in December...Daughter said she had Granddaughter start wrapping Christmas gifts and realized she hadn't finished her list after all...I need to do the same.
    I love these projects...I think I'll look for the magazine.
    Mama Bear

  10. Wow, I love this post, Fiona! So many wonderful things to look at. And I am chuckling at "the wine turning the hexagons to octagons"! And oh my, that cake looks wonderful...would you be willing to share that recipe? I love both coconut and pecans!



  11. The RR is so pretty... and the cake looks delicious YYYYUUUUUMMMMMOOOO...

  12. I all looks great! I love the tiny snail! The cake looks fantastic. I will have to go to a large bookstore and have a peek at the magazine. The cathedral window pillow is beautiful.

  13. Great little hexies...Homespun is great this month.

  14. WOW Your work is great. Hope for a fun week. Laura Q

  15. That stitchery looks yummy! I love weekends too, no ferrying the boys to the gym. Cake looks delicious!
    I hope I can find that Homespun here. It's my favorite magazine, I think of all time. Except for Mary Englebreit's Home Companion - but it's no longer in print. And yes, I can relate to all of your "and's", lol!


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