Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last weekend I had fun on a blog-hop looking at lots and lots of amazing cross-stitch..... I was so blown away with the work that has been done.....  This was hosted by Chookyblue and you can go HERE if you missed them last week....

Looking at them reminded me that I had experimented with cross stich a couple of times in my (umm ....... rather long ......)  lifetime......
~ so off I went a'hunting down ~

When I was a young thing still at school we had to learn a certain amount of needlework.... I decided my mother needed a table-cloth for Christmas........

I must have been about 13 or 14 and I clearly remember my Mum saying to me that she thought I was having problems and angry with her because I sat in my room on my own every night prior to Christmas..... the tablecloth was why.....

It is a regular 1.5 by 2 metre cloth and has 24 of these roses and 24 of the fancy square things.  The stitches are quite large and the fancy work is shocking!!! (haha says my discriminating eye!) 
But Mum loved it.

Mum moved into a small cottage after my Dad had passed on and she never had a dining table.... and when she went to join dad - I was very touched to find she had kept this table cloth ......  I had forgotten all about it but I claimed it and of course it had to find it's way into a suitcase and stay with me.....
~ I often use it ~ 

My other piece is of some local Australian birds
~ Crimson Rosella's ~

In between international and interstate moves I needed some quiet reflection .... stitching seems to help that
I have to admit I struggled with completing this - I do find the small stitches difficult
~ must frame it ~
~ one day ~

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

I will be spending some time over HERE to see what other people are showing this week.....
Thanks for hosting this Chookyblue - great idea


  1. What a real treasure you found there full of memories. A real keepsake and evidently your mom considered it a treasure as well.

  2. Lovely work Fiona...your tablecloth is a real must have been very special to your Mum.

  3. I am sure your mother treasured every stitch in your table cloth. We can be quite critical of our early endeavours.
    Gorgeous cross stitch of the rosellas, would be a shame not to frame it!

  4. Those are just beautiful cross stitch.

  5. what a treasure with your table cloth.....and I love the crimson rosella's..........think I got a gulah's one yesterday.....add to the UFO I need to.........but I loved it......

  6. Thought I would return the visit- your rosellas are lovely! And the tablecloth story brought a lump to my throat. Thanks for sharing! Off to check out your older posts! Suz

  7. What a nice story! I love the tablecloth.

  8. How lovely that your Mum kept that special tablecloth you made. So nice that you still have it now. The birds are fabulous - you must frame it!

  9. Mums are like that. My mother has many of my pieces, some of them were early examples of how badly I could stitch! But she loves them all.
    Your rosellas look fantastic, please do get them framed and show them off.

  10. a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it and your work

  11. Beautiful tablecloth .... the flowers as well as the alternating blocks .... very special

  12. A beautiful present for your Mum... and you must get your cross stitch framed it is gorgeous and I greatly admire anyone who does it as I don't have the patience xxx

  13. What a lovely table cloth and wonderful story behind it.

  14. what a beautiful table cloth, and the colour in those birds is amazing!

  15. I have only recieved your goat.and sent it to janet in far north, mine also on its way too. When I was cleaning I found a table runner I did at about the same age as yours. Mine not near the work but still amazing the girls today do not do this kind of work .Not around me any way It is so nice to be back. Laura

  16. What beautiful pieces! And the tablecloth is just a think your mother kept it all those years must just warm your heart. I love embroidery though I don't do cross stitch. blessings, marlene

  17. The tablecloth must have been very precious to your Mum, it's lovely you have it now to treasure. Your rosellas are pretty, definitely worth framing! Thanks for sharing your lovely work.


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