Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Plum Pudding Birds...........

Toni at Red Boots Company made some really cute Plum Pudding Birds - she said she wasn't sure if this was as cute as she thinks....  I thought they were.....

I had some wool felt available so made them up from that.
Toni has a pattern available HERE ....

Can you see a trend in the hair styles.....

mmmmmmmmmm...  maybe feral is the way around here......


  1. They are very cute... and the hair is trendy hehehe xxxx

  2. The Plum Pudding Birds are very cute. Ah...Fiona....you may want to brush your hair before taking your next self portrait....wasn't sure you had noticed it was slightly messy.
    A pompom would have been a good addition as well!!!

  3. Heehee, I love the hair do on everyone. Aren't Toni's birds fun. I'm going to have to make lots more for Christmas gifts.

  4. Just love your little birds...

  5. omg, if I had that hair, I'd be in a red dress heading out for a party!! Wahooooo girl!

  6. those little birds are adorable
    your hair is outasite:) (i might have made up the word or spelling) :)

  7. Oh my gosh those are just adorable - and ahem, I LOVE the hairstyles!

  8. those birds are very cute! Embrace your feralness and run with it! Even one of those birds has a bit of crazy hair happening.

  9. The birds are very cute indeed. As for the hair...just perfect if you ask me! ;-D

  10. I LOVE those birdies...they look like they're having fun! And I LOVE your hair, Fiona. It's wonderful just like it is! :o)



  11. Hi Fiona! Your Plum Birding birdies are fantastic! I can see that I'm going to have to remake my own, everyone is putting me to shame *lol*. Feral is good *grin*. toni xxx

  12. I like the birds and your hair.


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