Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Goat goes Travelling and a Stitchery Visits

Billy Goat Gruffles (hereafter known as BGG) has entered the world of AusPost and is heading towards North Dakota, the Yukon Territory in Canada, and Western Australia before coming back home to Queensland..........

As BGG has such a lot of international travel I had to print him a passport and pack him a suitcase....

Inside his passport is a map so each of his hosts can mark the spot where he has been - I hope there will be some photo's and blogposts of his wonderful adventures....

Along the way BGG will enjoy some pampering and a makeover and will come back to me groomed and a whole new goat - preferably not so Gruffly.......... and in a good mood - he was in a terrible temper about being stuffed into an envelope......

BGG is on his way Laura
(I hope you have a spare jumper for BGG - that early snow will be a shock to him)

Thanks Elaine for arranging this goatie exchange visit...........
Long Live the Sisterhood of the Travelling Goats......

In the meantime whilst we were waiting for BGG visa to come through I did finish off the stitcheries of our little farm animals. 
Thanks Joy for the prompting to get some blocks finished. 
Joy has not been well, and she is trying to get ready for an international move, - so pop by and cheer her up a bit............

I have chosen some fabrics to make blocks for this quilt...............  one day ...........mmm

Mr Postie came by on yesterday and brought these lovely, lovely, lovely fabrics from Carol

and her exquisite stitchery for the Stitch Around the Block

Helen gave us instructions for the next round.

Hexies - but not just hexies...... 1/2" hexies.......
I have not done hexies!
let alone 1/2" hexies
I don't think you are supposed to learn on something so tiny!
And those fabrics are so, so, so, pretty 
I'm not sure they should even be cut
just stroked..... and patted...... and stroked some more 

I am filled with trepidation and fear
but determined to face my fears

 A fun afternoon today stitching with friends - this was the view when I got home.....
hopefully a burn off and not a bush fire...........

Have a Happy Week everyone......... whatever you are doing.....


  1. Hi Fiona, Thanks for sharing so many interesting things in this post.
    I love hexies but 1/2" hexies are positively terrifying. Good luck.

  2. Sounds like BGG is going to have fun on his long as he 'lightens up' a bit and has less of the gruffles ;-) Lovely stitchery from Carol. 1/2" hexies...well we will be challenged I am sure.

  3. A passport and suitcase, hope he hasn't got any contraband in his luggage!
    Carol's stitchery looks gorgeous and those fabrics are beautiful. Be brave! Those hexies are challenging!

  4. You're too funny Fiona. My goat's gone off to Alabama with just a visa card!

  5. OH I hope BGG hasn't got any grass tucked into his suitcase. LOL
    Love your stitchery's.

    Hope all is okay with the fire.

  6. Lovely stitcheries.
    Travel safely Mr Gruff :D

  7. Wishing BGG safe travels. Your blocks looks lovely, can't wait to see them all sewn up.

    Hexies that small should not be allowed! Have fun learning to do them. Sure is pretty fabric you have to play with.

  8. What a sweet way to send BGG off on his travels. Love the stitcheries. I have made a miniature nine patch cushion with 1/4" patches and several miniature quilts (1/2") its fiddly but rewarding good luck with the hexies.

  9. Billy goat is fun....

    Love your stitcheries and can't wait for the final quilt ....

  10. Goat is going a wonderful trip. I like your quilt you are making, i cant wait to see the finished quilt. Have a happy day, Kim

  11. Your goat is SO cute, hope he has a great adventure. Your stitchery animals are lovely, and so is Carol's centre piece, I love the colours she has chosen. Good luck with those hexies.

  12. Safe travels BGG, I like the idea of a map...

  13. Hi Fiona! I just love little BGG! How cute. And his traveling adventures reminds me a bit of Flat Stanley - school kids here in the U.S. make a flat doll out of paper, write a story about who he is, what he likes and doesn't like, etc. and then send him around to gather adventures. When he returns to them, they have to make a scrapbook about his journey. Too much fun!

    And the fabrics and stitcheries are lovely...I can see why you just want to pet them and not cut them. But good luck with those little 1/2" hexies!



  14. Interesting tale of BGG , it will be neat to see how he comes back to you all spiffied up wearing some new embellishments no doubt . The little stitchery is adorable and it will be fun making those tiny hexies , don't be afraid the size is not that bad .


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