Saturday, November 27, 2010

Book Club

When our bookclub formed we wanted a name for it..... we are all 'mature' women - (me being more mature than some, and less mature than some!).  One lady (who shall remain nameless - and is maybe not a lady!) said with a giggle ....

"We can make Allan (the librarian) blush - lets be "The Morning Glories"

 .,....... well (me being more mature than some, and less mature than some) smiled and agreed........... and went home to chat to Mr Google to see what the joke was.....

~ Don't ask...... if you want to know ........... google it! ~

Today is our last bookclub for the year
(we will do a Christmas break up party in January - that makes sense doesn't it???) 

A friend of mine recently made a quilt and on the fabric was .......... yes, some Morning Glory flowers....

Everyone will have their own personalised "Morning Glory" book-mark.....

Happy weekend.....

(PS This month we read Four Fires by Bryce Courtenay)


  1. Pretty bookmarks.....what a great idea!

  2. Not even going to go there girlfriend!lol
    Lovely bookmarks and very sweet gifts.

  3. That is so funny, I imagine you'll get lots of giggles over that name! I've read Four Fires and absolutely loved it, definitely my fave Bryce Courtenay title. Have fun with your book club.

  4. That's funny...It's our bookclub breakup dinner tonight and I've made 12 bookmarks for them all. I did these last year too, same but different of course.....maybe we need to get together and "discuss" bookmark ideas for next year.

  5. Great idea. I love the bookmarks.

    -Samya :-)

  6. okay I googled the Morning Glory thing and got alot about actual flowers so still do not have the foggiest clue what the joke is... but i really love the bookmark idea and will have to do the same for my little bookclub!

  7. Not gonna go there either, lol - my imagination is good enough! Love the bookmarks, what a great idea.

  8. Not going there.LOL
    Love the bookmarks and I have been reading Four Fires for four years. Lucky I am not in your book club ah!!

  9. Fiona - I roared laughing when I read the name of your bookclub! Must be because I have been surrounded by men for most of my life!!!!
    Poor Alan!!!

  10. Fun. I think belonging to a book club would be as much fun as getting together with quilters.

  11. LOVE the name! I remember having to explain what morning glory was to my mum *lol*


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