Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hoot, hoot, Christmas is coming.......

I got the pattern for these cute owls from Robyn at Daisy Quilts.  They are quite easy
(I am a very much learner softie maker - and if I can make them anyone can!!)
......and very cute.... don't you think??? 
There is no ways I could only make one.... now there's two and I still want more! 
The pattern is available HERE - incase you get the owlish fancy too.....

I have joined with Kerryanne's Simply Christmas where she has so many ideas of home made things for Christmas...... well, she talked about cake here which reminded me to start mine....
the sultanas and raisins, mixed peel and dates and cherries and pineapple soak in honey and brandy for 2 days.......

This is my favourite Christmas Cake recipe - lots and lots of fruit and nuts and just enough flour and eggs to hold it together and keep it moist.  Usually I make the cake for Christmas day when we all eat too much!!  This year I will have it for visitors from the beginning of December.

I have never had name tags at our Christmas table but Karen from Sew Many Ways gave a lovely, easy idea HERE so I played with my glue gun today (I've never had one of those before so it was a novelty!!)

I can use them for pictures of those faraway darlings who won't be here for Christmas.....

And I have done another advent calender - this one featuring Santa and lots of Christmassy pictures hanging on his tree......

If you need some Christmas inspiration have a read from Kerryanne and Karen.  I'm sure there will be something you will want to make.......

Hope you have had a lovely relaxing weekend.


  1. Your owls are too cute. I like the idea of your cake. I don't usually make a cake but this year think I just might.

  2. lovely christmas decorating additions.
    Seems like owls are everywhere at the moment! Too cool.
    All this christmas talk is getting scary.

  3. How coot are those owls !!!
    Your Christmas cake looks Yummy.
    Will check out the link TFS

  4. Love the owls Bubz......gee your cake sounds like it is going to be so yummy....

  5. Those owls are just adorable!!

  6. I Love these Owls & Yours are so Cute...Your Chrissy Cake sounds Mourish...& Love the Idea using the baubles...

  7. Your owls are cute, you have been busy, your cake sounds heavenly, so organised

  8. Everything looks great! The little owls are way cute!

  9. Snap, very cute Owls, isnt the pattern fabulous. I just made 2 in a Christmas theme x

  10. The owls are too them. The Christmas ornaments look fantastic too. What did you use for the little rings? It looks like an adjustable ring for your finger. Such a great idea. Love it as a picture holder. If that was your first time using a glue gun, you will now be addicted to it. Have fun with it and thanks for the link!
    Take care,

  11. Oh cute owls and lovely yummy sounding cake. Must start thinking about making ours!

  12. These owls are cutes. Lovely post.


    -Samya :-)

  13. Great Christmas inspirations. Love those owls!

  14. Hoot Hoot those are cute, that christmas cake looks scrumptious. Hope your week is wonderful.
    Hugs, Kim

  15. Your owls are gorgeous! Love that pattern! Must get my cake started too and yours looks delicious. I see we have the same Advent Calendar, I wonder if you enjoyed making it as much as I did? Aren't the decorations just gorgeous? Have a great day xx

  16. Oh my look at all the bloggy candy here today - those owls are just too darling, I love the ornaments and advents too. I can't seem to get in the mood - I'm still in denial - but all this cute stuff is getting me there!

  17. What cute owls! I love their silly hair!

  18. Your cake sounds delicious. I have never made one because I know I would eat too much of it all by myself.
    I really like your Advent calendar. I have never seen that one. Who is the designer?
    You are really getting in the mood for Christmas!

  19. Whoooo is to say these are toooo cute!


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