Thursday, November 11, 2010

A bit of fun............

You are maybe aware of goats travelling the world via a connection of bloggers (namely The Sisterhood of the Travelling Goat) A few blog posts ago I wrote that Billy Goat Gruffles went off to visit in North Dakota - I await anxiously to hear he has landed safely.

Gertrude the Goat has come over to Queensland from Maria in Western Australia. She arrived a little bit ruffled from spending the best part of a week stuffed into an envelope!  She brought me the sweetest gift tag with her - so very thoughtful and kind..... It is very pleasant weather at the moment and she has been able to explore the nearest city (Toowoomba), wonderful gardens in spring-time....

An important reason for her travels is that she finds a long-term home so several pictures were taken so I could get an idea of her favourite things ....

~ most definitely a range of colours and textures ~

and being the indulgent animal lover I am.... she got colour and texture.....

Once I get can her back into an envelope (she is just a little bit reluctant!) she will go visit Laura for a bit of pampering.....

While Gertrude has been wandering (she likes to explore alone) I finished my Daisy-Do - a design by Jenny of ELEFANTZ.....

AND.... I have been lucky, lucky, lucky .....

Nola sent me these pretty Christmas fabrics..... I know exactly what I want to make....

Flooring is being done so I am holed up inside my sewing room/computer room (what bliss)
~ there is something owlish going on ~


  1. gee these goats are better travelled than I am!
    Your daisy do looks lovely.
    What are those fabrics going to become? Can't wait to see.

  2. Your goats sound like what you have done with Jen's design Bubz...

  3. So nice to see Grutrude again and enjoying all those lovely places she has visited.Love what you have done with her.Hope she behaved and got into the envelope for you. Love her MUM.

    Great colours you have done in the Daisy-Do design.

    Oh lovely xmas fabrics.

  4. Maria's goats...yes, she has two.... are travelling fast. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. I love what you've done to Gertrude.

  5. Travelling Goats! Sounds like they are kicking up a bit of a storm with their behaviour ;-)

    Lovely Daisy hanging. Hope you had fun in your sewing room.

  6. I just saw the traveling goat on another blog...too fun.

    Love the video...wonderful flowers.

    Love all the projects you have done....

  7. A great post, can't wait to see the owlishness

  8. Love the tour of Toowoomba, can't wait to see what you are making with the fabrics. yes, thank you, it was an idyllic day, one we have promised to repeat soon

  9. Fiona,
    Those background pieces are perfect for Gertrude! She looks as if she is well rested and ready for her next stop.

  10. Beautiful. I really love your post. Thank you for sharing.


    -Samya :-)

  11. Thank you Fiona for visiting and commenting on my your work too and shall visit offen.


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