Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friday Night Sew In ... and heaps of baking....

Thank you to Wendy for having us together for FNSI again.....

I was happy to sit and gently do some redwork whilst the cricket was on.... my quilt twinkles in the light and its fun to watch that too...

I have started a preprinted wallhanging by Natalie Bird called Snow Buddies.... it's very cute... At the quilt show in October I got a couple of balls of this Valdani thread.. it's a lovely variegation going from rust to maroon... 

Today I put the decorations on the Christmas cake.... 

I get quite silly stressed with the whole Christmas thing so everyone has to choose something they especially want to eat at Christmas (when it's at our house!)  It just has to be one thing that for them it is not Christmas without it..... my choice is the cake... 

My grandies don't like fruit cake too much... but one of them has said they especially want Carrot Cake... so that got made today and has gone into the freezer and will get some lemon cream cheese icing

It's a lovely moist and easy to make cake and the recipe is HERE

A week ago I made a couple of loaves of Christines almond bread and today these were sliced and dried... they are really yummy so I have to hide these or there will be none left for when the grandies arrive.... Christine has a link to her recipe HERE... also easy peasy to make...

Then for good measure I made a large batch of Choc Chip Cookies... I have this recipe on my blog HERE... just scroll down... again easy peasy and I used a mixture of white and dark choc chips...

Righto, Gotto Go... all this domestic goddessing I have very sore feet now... I think I need to put them up with a cold glass of beer!  


  1. You weren't kidding when you told me you'd been baking! Your cake looks gorgeous. Very nice stitching too x

  2. wow Fiona you sure have been cooking up a storm,your xmas cake looks awesome and thankyou for sharing links to all these goodies,enjoy your beer my friend.xx

  3. Wow!! You have been super busy in the kitchen!! Love your Christmas cake......almond icing is my favourite...used to play fight with my Dad to get the corner piece!! Your stitchery looks lovely! Enjoy that well earned beer!! I am off for a G & T!!

  4. Love your stitchery & Valdani thread. I told a baking friend today that I should move closer to her, may be i should move closer to you instead. :). Hugs, xx

  5. I love that red Valdani thread too. Great idea for Christmas cooking, then you can be sure everyone has at least one favourite thing to eat. Enjoy your beer.

  6. Love that thread, what a gorgeous colour......I'm coming to your house for Christmas, that food looks yummy!

  7. the thread looks lovely, very cute stitchery.
    Your north pole quilt looks great on the wall!
    I think you are finding lots of reasons to be filling your glass? lol
    People might start talking.
    should we start calling you Nigella with all that domestic godessing....

  8. Dear Fiona,
    very nice stitchery and all your bakery looks soooo jummy.
    Great to see friends at FNSI, it is the first time I am participating.
    Had a lot of fun.
    Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas,

  9. Your North Pole Wall hanging looks great on the wall.
    Such a pretty stitchery you are working on.
    Yummy sew many goodies at your house for Christmas, wish I was there.

  10. Looks like you have been very busy and ready for Santa's arrival. No empty tummies at your house.

  11. It was a very productive day at your house. You certainly deserve a beer .... or two :) Snow Buddies looks like quite a fun little project to do at this time of year when we don't want a lot of fabric everywhere. Love the decorations on the cake. Thanks for the recipes, I will give the carrot cake a try. ;^)

  12. That is such a fun pattern and I love how the valdani looks in it, nice variations.
    Those cookies look good, I haven't baked goodies since the kids were little.


  13. Everything looks tasty! I think your beer is well deserved. Cute stitching, too.

  14. Nice stitching Fiona - that thread sounsd lovely - and also so much yumminess in the tins!! I like your logic with the 'choose one thing' list.

  15. Can I come and join you at your house for Christmas.....all those yummy goodies. Pretty stitchery.

  16. Good looking cake there Fiona.....and thank you for the recipes, going over to check out the Almond Bread!

  17. Phew what a lovely lot of baking! wow what a great idea, carrot cake for Christmas, perfect for reindeers and grandies ;)
    Love your red work, that sized thread makes such a lovely stitch. Now I understand why my two strands of embroidery thread wasn't looking as good as everyone elses!

  18. Your Christmas cake looks wonderful, Fiona. Doesn't it feel good when you get the baking all done! Your snowman is a jolly looking fellow!

  19. Your redwork looks delightful! And all that yummy baking - I love Christmas cake and your almond bread, which I would call biscotti, looks delicious, as do your cookies! You can't beat home made sausage rolls and mince pies and even though we are in rented accommodation in UK over Christmas I shall be making mine on Christmas Eve. Have a lovely Christmas Fiona. xx

  20. Hello Fiona,

    So when is the recipe book coming out??? That Christmas cake is stunning. A question re the thread you are working with, is it the same thickness as a DMC or similar.

    Enjoy the festive season Fiona.


  21. Beautiful stitching and your cooking looks delish!! Your cake looks gorgeous. xx

  22. I was just thinking about doing some Christmas baking, but wasn't feeling so enthused until I saw this post! I think I'll tackle it after all. Boy I love your Christmas quilt. It looks great on the wall. Your wall hanging progress looks beautiful too. I adore a moist fruit cake (thankfully an aunt made one for us, so I unashamedly ticked it off my baking list!). Merry Christmas! xxx

  23. all those cookies look delicious, your house must smell amazing!


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