Sunday, December 14, 2014

Today ....

... is my youngest childs birthday

this is the widget's mother... and we will all have lunch together to celebrate

Today .....

....we are allowed to start opening our FHFS presents

mine are from Shez and today I got a pack of very nice cards .... we ALWAYS run out so thanks Shez... perfecto....

Yesterday .....

I opened my box of decorations and our tree is dressed

lots of handmade ornaments .... I love them all
baubles and lights
a little bit of magic

... filling corners with Christmas quilts ....

Last night.....

.... it got quite cool after our hot weather so I didn't mind sitting with a quilt on my lap doing some binding .....

Last week ......

I had some lovely mail with Christmas lovelies... 

This lovely tag came from Marina .... so clever with her colours and a rusty bell on the bottom

Michelle sent me one of her embroidered angels.... those bullion roses - oh my

Thanks to Maria for a fat quarter of beautiful Christmas fabric.... it is pretty and strokable....
(Japanese made... such lovely quality)

a Michelle Palmer original drawing on fabric from one of Santa's elves

Clever ladies, wonderful ideas....  it's beginning to look like Christmas over here....

Righto, Gotto Go.... the thing about decorating is you move things ... and find dirt (well I do... I'm sure others don't!!)


  1. Hi Fiona ,happy birthday to Debs,hope you have a lovely time together,glad the cards will come in handy and love your tree of handmade decorations,I also love your xmassy decorating,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter and all your lovely chrissie gifts from the mailman.

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. I hope you have a lovely celebration. Lovely cards from Shez...exciting days ahead woo hoo! Your tree is looking all lovely and twinkly and love your ornaments. Glad you like the Angel xxx

  4. They do grow up fast, my youngest is 29, ugh.
    Wonderful decorations and lots of beautiful hand made pieces on it too.


  5. Awe...the Michelle Palmer drawing you got is so sweet! :0)

  6. Happy birthday wishes to your daughter! Try hard not to disturb that dirt and dust too much won't you, it's good for a few more years yet.......

  7. so many lovely goodies.........happy birthday to your girl.............hope you had a nice lunch.............

  8. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! You home is looking very lovely and Christmasy! xx

  9. What an adorable drawing, and a beautiful daughter too

  10. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.. Lots of lovelies there ...your home is looking very Christmassy..

  11. Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter love your tree and decorations ...nice gifts from Shez x

  12. Your daughter is beautiful - Happy Birthday to her!!! Love all your Christmas gifties, and your quilt - that one is on my list to make!

  13. Happy birthday to your DD, Fiona - lovely to see your decorating, especially the handmade ones... & great job on the glass gluing, very smart idea... x

  14. Thats why my decorating is confined to where I don't need to move anything!!! Your tree is looking lovely

  15. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. You have certainly received some lovely gifts and I love your tree! Nola

  16. Have a great diner all together and happy birthday to your daughter. Beautiful tree you have all dressed up with the best ornaments - home made! Yes we have dirt in Canada too not just snow lol.

  17. Happy birthday to your daughter, hope you had a lovely lunch together. Great to have the decorating done, the handmade decorations make it so special.

  18. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter. Your Christmas decorating is looking lovely, Fiona.

  19. Beautiful gifts from beautiful friends. Happy birthday to the birthday girl.

  20. Such lovelies, esp. your daughter!!

  21. What fun you have been having! Hope you had a lovely time celebrating your daughters birthday :)

  22. Happy Birthday wishes to your gorgeous daughter.
    A great start to your gift unwrapping.
    It is lovely to see the decorations out and the quilts on display.

  23. She is just lovely. Enjoyed your decorations as well.


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