Thursday, December 4, 2014

Welcome to December.....

Woohooo.... December has started..... 3 weeks till my eldest daughter and her family arrive all the way from UK.... more than 2 years since I had a cuddle .....

First up is the December Charming Stars hosted by the Terrific Terry...
(ok... so I made these last month as I was on a roll!!!)

... now we are 16....

that's all the star blocks... sashing and corner stones is next....

It's going to be quite pretty I think.... and those stars will be fun to quilt...

Talking about quilting... I worked on my "Baby It's Cold Outside" quilt by Toni this week...
(have a look at the sneak peak of her latest Foxy quilt HERE)

In the ditch .... slowly but surely as I don't want the quilting to show in this one....

round the edges of all the details.... I used a grey thread in the colours

.. and white on the white so to hide it all....

I had bought some white damask on line... not realising it is printed on white (as opposed to woven in) .... can you see the holes it leaves where the needle goes in??

so I haven't quilted on the border either... just around the squares....

.... modern wadding doesn't need a lot of quilting to keep it together.... this design is fine just having the pictures highlighted and I'm happy with the texture that white gives without any additional holes added to it....

I used some wool (home felted) for the hats and scarves.... and there are buttons for the eyes so it's quite a textured and fun quilt.... I have the binding made up already in the blue star fabric...

I join up with Chookyblue's SSCS Christmas swap when I can and this year I sent off a parcel to Sylvia in Germany.....  she was allowed to open the ornament and this is what I sent... a candle mat of angels (she loves angels) and a bon bon full of chocolates.... lucky they didnt' melt before they left our land...

it's a fun swap and a great way to meet new people from around the world

 I have to hand stitch in the evenings ... not possible to sit still .... and this is one I have done on some linen .. a cute little stitchery by Michelle (she has hers displayed in her header - I love how she finished it off)

... now I am slow to decorate.... I think I got blessed with grinch genes???? last year we didn't put any up ... so this year I have started (since we have young visitors I should make the effort????) .. and I bought some sticks with lights on... and they have gone into my giant jug.... they look pretty... 

grinch be gone..... AND I have taken down the box of christmassy stuff.....

Righto, Gotto Go ..... I'll sew on that binding today... and hang up another decoration???


  1. Gorgeous blocks Fiona and great quilting! I haven't started decorating either but we will this weekend! JoJo won't let us get away with not doing it lol!

  2. Those bears are so adorable! :0)

  3. So glad your family will be visiting. Two years is a long time. Love those stars and those bears are simply precious!!

  4. Love the bears quilt. So adorable... even with a few holes! It's not very visible, it's not like it will be known as the hole-y bear quilt!! lol Just teasing! It is adorable Fiona! You did an AMAZING job. No one will notice the holes, there is too much loveliness to look at. ;^)

  5. I love your polar bears, Fiona. They are so cute. The table topper is lovely too, as is your stitching.

  6. You're ahead of me - I haven't looked in the boxes of Christmas stuff yet! I'm with you on white on white fabric, the design seems to be sprayed on......if any of the holes are really obvious you could try dabbing them with a wet cotton bud to close up the fibres. Pretty stars that is something I could so with my stash of Chrissie fabrics to use some up, isn't it?

  7. You are working on some fun pieces for Christmas and love those bears.


  8. Your stars are very pretty! And if you think it's beautiful now, just wait till you add the sashing!

  9. love the star quilt Fiona, such pretty fabrics. And those teddies are a cute bunch.

  10. The quilt is beautiful.
    WHat no decorations - don't you make me come up there!!

  11. I can't believe it's been two years, I can only imagine how excited you are all feeling. The stars are coming along beautifully, and a great job on the quilting, another finish is in sight

  12. Bet you're counting down to the family arrive. Loving your stars

  13. I really love your stars...beautiful. How cute are those chilly bears! Lovely swap gifties you sent. I love the thread you have used in the stitchery. Great anti grinching!!!!

  14. Dear Fiona,
    you stars look very pretty, so does the "baby it's cold outside" Quilt, very nice work.
    the little stitchery is so cute, I love the theme.
    Yes, it is great to meet new people and share hte Christmas spirit with each other. Your Angel mat has found a perfect spot in my house. Looks great, thank you.
    Wish you a great time with your family.

  15. hi Fiona love your star blocks and your Toni quilt and how exciting your daughter and her family are coming for a visit,i fore see fun times ahead ,now finish putting those decorations up,lol.xx

  16. You have been super busy you are amazing how wonderful your DD and family are visiting enjoy....

  17. What a wonderful Christmas you will be having...,certainly worth decorating when there are little ones around.
    Loving your quilt and quilting.

  18. I just love the polar bear quilt. So much fun! I am so happy for you that your family will be here for Xmas. Two years is way too long!

  19. What fun to be anticipating a long overdue visit!! As far as decorating for Christmas, in my book, less is more! Just loving your quilt.

  20. Get those Christmas deco's happening Fiona - your family will love it! The lights are so pretty, great idea

  21. Interesting post Fiona, good to see what you have been up to. How exciting to have your family coming over for Christmas, bet you will enjoy every moment and well worth pulling out the decorations for! Lovely sewing, quilting and swap gifts :-)

  22. Love the polar bears in their cuddly warm scarves. I am yet to decorate, but again I have a good excuse (moving house), but perhaps you can say that you are waiting to let the grandies help you? I love the Charming stars pattern, especially in that pretty colour way.

  23. Baby it's Cold Outside is super cute! I love the colours you used. Funny how having young ones around helps us to get in the Christmas spirit a bit more. I am visiting my brother and sister-in-law and she is especially excited about Christmas this year as she has a little grandbaby to make things fun for.

  24. Such beautiful colours that you are using on your blocks.

  25. The Bear quilt is gorgeous and the White demesk makes it..... You have been busy with your blocks and swaps.
    Oh you sure will have fun with your family and the littles will love those decorations, sew get them up..... I am..

  26. It will be so wonderful to have your family with you!! I hope the days go quickly so they get here sooner.
    Your star block are lovely. I agree that it looking pretty.
    Great idea with the quilting on the COLD quilt. It has a lot of interest already and doesn't need busy quilting. Love the way it looks.
    Gorgeous swap gifts.
    Have fun with the decorations.

  27. Come on - you have to have lots of decorations for your visitors! That white damask really works well on your quilt but a shame about the holes and your stars are looking lovely. xx

  28. How nice to have your family coming over...hope you all have a wonderful time! Love the polar bear quilt!!

  29. Baby It's Cold Outside is soooo cute...lovely ornaments you sent to Sylvia, such fun to see the SSCS parcels landing...

  30. I hope the next three weeks fly!
    your stars look amazing, I love them!
    your polar bears are too cute, the white fabric shows up well in the bigger photo. It is perfect for a polar bear to feel at home.
    the wool accents are wonderful. Clever you.x

  31. Love your Brrrrr. Guess they will cool things down for you this Christmas.
    Enjoy the decorating.


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