Friday, December 19, 2014


A lovely little swap group I am lucky enough to be part of is opening gifts for the 12 days before Christmas...

Shez is the naughty elf who has sent me gifts and these are my first 6 gifties
cards, a photo album, cheese snacks, a hoop deer decoration, round ornies for my tree and a coffee mug

They are all perfect and it's such fun opening a present up each day
Hubz says he has never known me to wake up so quick and bright in the mornings!!

This week this lovely little Angel came to live with me... It's from Susan and is made from paper clay which was pressed into a mould.... so clever and a lot of detail in it... thanks Susan

I rather like that cheeky Santa on the card too!

Today my Christmas preparations meant I had to be a bit of a domestic goddess.... I have iced our fruit cake..

I like almond icing ... so that went on first...

.. and then a layer of icing.. normally I would make royal icing but this year a bought a packet that you roll out... easy peasy that way....

... now it's gently hardening and then I will add a ribbon and some ornies on top... it is being guarded by a Santa and Reindeer (who came to live with me from Keryn's house... they are so beautifully made...) and a frog with a headache... (I think it found Hubz beer!)

Hand sewing has happened and I have finished this block of my sampler.. there was quite a bit to do in this one... 

This is a recent picture of grandiegirl Maddy... she went to the Christmas Carol service in the village where she lives... just wanted to cuddle the baby Jesus all evening

very sweet

Righto, Gotto Go... I am getting stuck into Hubz beer and my new Cheese straws from Shez.... it's been a hot day

Chookyblue has suggested a Christmas challenge... I'm in... what about you... 


  1. Hi Fiona I am so glad that you are enjoying the FHFS advent swap,it's been lots of fun.Oh I love that pic of Maddy cuddling baby Jesus,she has a strong maternal instinct,lol,love your decorations,Keryn does do an awesome job of making these,enjoy your beer and cheese sticks my friend,I thought they might be better than chocolate to send in the heat you have been getting.xx

  2. Hi Fiona,
    so happy to read you are enjoying presents, great baking is going on too, looks good, and a zip of beer just does't hurt.

  3. ooh love that sampler Fiona. Such lovely gifts from Shez and your xmas cake looks amazing

  4. I love almond icing too! No doubt about it......having presents to open gives you a reason to jump out of bed.

  5. What lovely gifts! I think anything Keryn makes is amazing. Merry Christmas!!

  6. What a lovely collection of gifts , you are spoiled but deserve to be . How sweet to see your granddaughter cuddling the Baby Jesus . Merry Christmas Fiona . hugs Sheila

  7. Lots of great gifts, the fruit cake looks amazing... but oh your sweet granddaughter. How cute!

  8. Wonderful gifts. Fabulous photo of Maddy. Hugs,xx

  9. What a spoiled girl you are! Maddy looks right in her element and of course you have to have a layer of almond!

  10. I am enjoying seeing your lovely gifts. And I am very impressed with you making and decorating your own Christmas cake. That is something I have never managed to do. You have even squeezed in some stitching. How many days until family arrive???

  11. gorgeous gifties from Shez,
    Love your finished quilt too, it's adorable.
    Not long now......

  12. Shez has sent you lots of lovely goodies, Fiona. Sounds like you're keeping busy.

  13. It is such a lovely swap. Love the cake minders and your block is looking good. What a sweetie is Maddie x


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