Wednesday, December 17, 2014

'Tis the Season....

... for parties....

A Friday evening sewing group I attend at The Quilters Angel had their Chistmas party and Kris so kindly hosted us at her gorgeous new home 

... so prettily decorated ....

..... for gifts .....

... where gifts were presented.... home made cordial and a bag of treats.. patterns etc.
(how cute is that little bag)

... and Kris gave us each a lovely handmade boot to hang on the tree... I do love my special decorations...

The FHFS swap group I am in is opening it's 12 days of Christmas presents and these are what I have had from Shez.... some Christmas cards, a photo album, hand stitched deer picture (oh it is dear).. and today a set of 3 handmade ornies... they are on the tree already...

Thanks Shez... gorgeous gifts...

We had a few lovely cooler evenings so I hand stitched down this binding... so we have a new quilt...

"Baby It's Cold Outside" is one of Toni's patterns.... I love the freshness of this one

.... for family....

... well... I am excited for Christmas but my big count down is for my eldest daughter and family to arrive from the UK... including these 3 elves..... this time next week they will be waking up to their first morning in Australia... those lovely jumpers will not be needed....

I CAN'T WAIT..... but I have to... so I better keep busy

Righto, Gotto Go ...  lots to sort out.....


  1. Good morning my lovely friend,wow looks like a lot of fun was had at Kris's,love the tables and what beautiful gifts,the tree decoration is rather cute too.So glad you are enjoying the advent swap,it's lots of fun.And how much fun will it be to have your lovely family with you for Xmas and they are the cutest elves I have ever seen,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  2. Awww ... I'm so excited for you too!
    You're home is going to be filled with so much more joy and love xx
    Gorgeous quilt :)

  3. You must be crossing the days off with glee. Kris did a beautiful Kringley job. Everything was wonderful. Love your new ornies!!!

  4. Hello Fiona,

    I am intrigued by the flavour of the cordial, you must let us know what it tastes like. Lots of lovely goodies coming into your home. Have fun with the family. They will be able to snuggle under that gorgeous quilt.

    Happy days.

  5. I love how the quilt looks, all finished.
    Sounds like you are going to have fun with your family next week.


  6. Seems like you had a lot of fun at Kris (gorgeous gift BTW) and more fun is coming your way! Your home will be filled with laughter, excitement, little hands wanting to help, lots of anticipation and questions. Enjoy! ;^)

  7. How lovely to visit Kris at her new home. Lots is happening at your place, Fiona. How exciting to have the family over from the UK.

  8. What lovely gifties! No, they certainly won't need the Christmas jumpers here, will they.

  9. You have been having a lovely time with parties and gifts. Lovely.
    Your quilt is lovely. I love the design. You have made it beautifully.
    I bet you are so excited about having your family here. It will be wonderful.

  10. Yes Fiona,
    just keep sewing, makes the time fly.
    Love your presents, they are so cute.

  11. Lovely prezzies from Shez such a fun swap ... Looks a fun

  12. Lovely post Fiona. How wonderful your family will be here from the UK for Xmas. Hugs.....

  13. I hope the week will fly or us - but maybe not too fast for me - still oodles to do
    what lovely things Shez has sent you!

  14. WOw - you're doing the holidays right! Enjoy every minute. Those Grandies are adorable, and I'm sure your time with them will be precious. Merry Christmas!

  15. Baby it's cold outside here too.... I could do with that cute little quilt to keep me warm. Shame it wouldn't fit me! Looks like you've got your festivities off to a good start. What's not to like about a lovely meal and some gorgeous gifts.... lucky girl. Have a fabulous time with those grandkids.... bet you'll hug them to bits and spoil them rotten. Have fun! xxxx

  16. You are having such a great time leading up to Christmas , partying and receiving lots of lovely gifts.
    Love that quilt.....
    What beautiful grandchildren, no wonder you can't wait to hug them. Enjoy....

  17. Totally gorgeous!!!!!!! THE season is HERE!!!!!! (Note: I can't leave a comment as a Wp blogger. Maybe a setting of yours has changed?? The comment I leave goes to an "Edit" and doesn't "Publish")

  18. Love the grandies in their Christmas jumpers!!! Enjoy!

  19. What a great post Fiona...a party...gorgeous gifts...and the best one is the impending visit! And no, those jumpers won't be needed!

  20. Wow what a Christmas you have in store. Enjoy this special time!

  21. Lovely gifts made by your sewing group and gorgeous gifts too from Shez. The FHFS has been such fun with a parcel to open each morning

  22. Those are lovely gifties to keep you busy while you wait for the Elves from afar.
    Enjoy your celebrations with family.

  23. What a lovely quilt! It look fabulous finished


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