Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Postcards and Patterns to go .....

I showed you my lovely 'fall' postcard I received from Linda in Canada over HERE....

Linda has now received mine so I can show what I made...

... quilted leaves on batik background....

Linda was so kind and sent me a surprise... a Spring themed card for our downunder season...

I love it... thanks so much Linda and what an amazingly lovely thought...

... now I saw Peg was doing some 'unhoarding'.... and last night I did a bit of a clean up of a pattern file (I will share a little secret... patterns is my hoarding problem) 

These are a few patterns that I have either used or not used ...

Anyway... please feel free to comment if there is one or two or three or four that you would like....



(single block)

door knob hanger and wallhanging (22 x 14")

I will do a draw of names at the end of the week if there are more than one taker for any pattern
.. if there are no takers.. they will live in my file.. forever and ever...

... I have been doing some sewing... I am doing a flower mini quilt for a swap... it's finished ....  

Righto, Gotto Go....


  1. Love your postcard Fiona. And so very sweet of Linda to send you a cheerful Spring extra :)
    Oh don't get me started on hoarding, I am dreadful! So naturally I would love one of your to be re-homed patterns- #2 Santa's Helpers would be my choice :) Such a lovely idea :)

  2. Gorgeous postcards.....gee I should be doing that as well...have things I know I will never make....that will be the next part of my clean up...thanks Bubz

  3. gorgeous postcards Fiona and love the quilting on your sneak peek,hope your patterns find new homes,lol.xx

  4. What a lovely butterfly, I love fabric postcards. You must have a wonderful collection by now

  5. Lovely postcards Fiona. Sharyn:)

  6. Love your little sneak peek at the flower mini - at least the camera is focused this time!!!Postcards are so pretty.

  7. Love both of your postcards, your quilting is beautiful. Would be happy to take either number 1 or 4 pattern off you if you are stuck with them :-) Hugs xxx

  8. lovely postcards.
    I'll pass on the patterns thanks, I still have a stash of untouched patterns that need to be used eventually.

  9. Love the postcard you made for Linda. And the springy one you rec'd in return. You are clever ladies. Sheila's postcard swaps look like so much fun!

  10. Lovely postcards! No thank you, I have enough 'stuff' already......I will leave the patterns to someone else!

  11. Gorgeous post cards Fiona both sent and received.
    Nice patterns but as I seem to hoard them too please omit from the draw..
    Hmm nice sneak peek of the Mini....

  12. Love those postcards - glad I am getting back into postcard mode!

  13. ooh, such lovely patterns #1 & #2 take my fancy - thanks for the opportunity ;-)

  14. Good on you having a good ole sort-through, Fiona, your sewing room will feel so much happier... x

  15. Great postcards Fiona , that was so sweet of Linda. Santas little helpers looks rather cute .hugs Sheila

  16. Great postcards and good luck with the decluttering!


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