Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A brush with fame ...

Our local University has opened a new garden celebrating Australian Aboriginal heritage... the plants are some of those traditionally used for food and medicine.

My DD2 was responsible for organising the event so I went along to see what she did

After the speeches there was some music (look at the size of the little chap doing the didgereedoo... just a tot... so good too!)  Kooma Didgeri Dance Troupe

... and dancers.....
(those are some of the new plantings just behind them)

Troy Casser-Daley did a couple of songs for us...

... and Roger Knox sang.... such  a gentle man with real interest in people.... 

Herb Wharton gave us a few stories and read us one of his poems
(a real character and I could've listened to his stories for longer)

 ... after the entertainment we had a chance to meet and greet.... lots of people were signing up for autographs but I didn't have a paper... so he asked "Would you like a photo"....
"Oh yea... sure I do...."

Righto, Gotta Go.. better download some of my most recent favourite country music!

.... well after I phone and tell DD2 just how proud I am of her ... 


  1. Wow fantastic day and what a great job your DD did in organising such an event

  2. Hello Fiona,

    You must be so proud of your daughter. I love Troy's songs, a photo is so much better than a piece of paper!
    Happy days.

  3. A day to make you proud. Sounds like a lot of fun also. hugs

  4. . Your DD2 organised a wonderful day. Fabulous entertainment and how good to get a photo with Troy.

  5. It sounds like your daughter did a fantastic job of organizing this event and how special to have your photo taken with a celebrity . Hugs Sheila

  6. Sounds like a great event and well done DD2!

  7. The gardens sound like a wonderful idea.

  8. That's wonderful!!! The pic... the gardens... the DD effort! No wonder you have a huge smile on your face! :)

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day Fiona. Troy always comes across as being a lovely person.

  10. what a wonderful event and what an awesome job DD2 did ,your DD2 did you proud,love the pics especially the one of you and Troy.xx

  11. Kudos to your very clever DD. What a wonderful day you had. Love listening to a good yarn too. Lucky you getting a photo with Troy and hearing him sing and play...not a country music fan but love Troy and Keith xx

  12. Sounds like you had a lovely day, and such fun in the sun.

  13. Well done to your DD....looks like you had the best day x

  14. what an interesting event.
    You celebrity snapper you!

  15. Sounds like a wonderfully fantastic day, great fun

  16. The garden is a really wonderful idea.
    The photos suggest that your daughter was responsible for a very successful and enjoyable event. Congratulations.


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