Monday, October 28, 2013

PATTERN WINNERS....... and more blocks ..............

Thanks so much to all those of you who offered to help in decluttering my sewing room...

Mr Random helped me... and what I did is select a pattern and Mr R chose a name.... once a person got a pattern their name was taken out unless there were no other takers.... just to try and give as many of you a chance for a pattern.....

Now I wish I had a lot more patterns to give out... it hurts me not to give everyone something!!

Stripey Purse - Simone
Rosies Bag - Raelene
Ginger & Spice - Barb
Sashiko Bag - Noela
French Shopping Spree - Sheila
Merry Little Christmas - Linda
Santas Little Helpers - Sisbabe Stitches
Teddy Wallhanging - Linda
Sugar & Spice Cot Quilt - Jeanette
Puppy Dogs Tails Cot Quilt - Debra
Little Red - Sue SA
After The Picnic - Simone
Colour & Carry - Shez
Angel Block - Maria

Please send me your details in an email and I will get these posted off.....

The angel block is still available.... sometimes a single block seems odd but it would be great for a cushion... I made mine into a very pretty candle mat.... GONE 


...meanwhile... back at the homestead ....

... a robot terrified earthlings ....

.. the dog sat under the trees to contemplate the meaning of life....

... a bloke went fishing....

.... in a deep ocean....

UFO's took on a new meaning....

 ... and moonmen disappeared ....

... another section put together....

 .... so close to a flimsy............. sooooo close........

Righto, Gotto Go....  the last few days of October ....


  1. Congratulations to the winners!
    Love that quilt, the blocks are so fun and so much going on to keep your eyes moving.


  2. hankyou so much Fiona,do you have my details?.xx
    Ps love the boys story blocks,they are so cute.xx

  3. Congratulations to the lucky ladies.
    This is a great quilt Fiona. Just right for a small boy (or a big one) with lots of bits and pieces to discover. The colours are great too.

  4. Your boys story is looking great....almost there.

  5. Typical boys really. Love the bright colours you are using for this happy quilt.

  6. Typical boys really. Love the bright colours you are using for this happy quilt.

  7. Wow, they will be happy winners! If the Angel block still needs a home, I would gladly take it off your hands.
    And yes, sooo close to a wonderful new creation - I love seeing the progress and the story you give it, Fiona... keep going! x

  8. OH I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that boys quilt. The colours are fabulous...
    If the Angel Block hasn't a home yet I would like it, thanks Fiona....

  9. Awesome, Thanks so much....
    I love the boys story quilt. I love it, did the day the book came into the shop. Will make if I ever get a Grandson.
    Hugs & thanks again.
    PS I think you have my details.

  10. Love seeing these blocks. So cute. The mag(s) arrived today. So happy, happy,happy. Thankyou so much. Thankyou for the pattern too. I replied to your email about Shell's book. Not sure if you got it because yahoo is playing up. I'll get myself a new email addy one of these days. Hugs,xx

  11. Such a fun quilt, can't wait to see the final stages

  12. Love that quilt, it's going to be so much fun to snuggle under and to giggle over. Will email you. Hugs xx

  13. Woooo Hooo thanks Fiona, will email you my details. I also have boy story but haven't made it yet :) Barb.

  14. You really did have a successful clear out!!!
    More blocks and they are looking great. The are great fun. I am finding the robot block a good laugh!

  15. I am so enjoying watching you make this quilt. It is a shame that there is not a girl version. hugs

  16. your blocks are looking fantastic, love them all!!
    well done on your cleanout. hope everyone enjoys their new patterns.

  17. Congratulations everyone. I just adore this quilt - the blocks look wonderful.

  18. Congratulations everyone. I see my name listed twice. Very lucky. Will email through details. Thank you for sharing your patterns.

  19. Congratulations to all the winners.

    Yes, it must be VERY close.

  20. Great Boy Story blocks, love the colours of you fabrics :-)
    Congratulations to all winners of your give-away!

  21. Congrats to all the winners, love your story quilt

  22. What fun! and congratulations to your winners. xx

  23. Congratulations to the lucky winners and did I see my name there ? Your story quilt is wonderful , love it !

  24. Ohh am jealous of your boy story quilt, wish mine was that far ahead lol
    congrats to the winners!!

  25. Congrats to the winners...and to Fiona for successfully decluttering ;)

    Fun quilt...lovely work!

  26. I love this quilt so much. It is so much fun and yours looks amazing! Love the colours and fabrics you've chosen. Just gorgeous.

  27. The boys story is looking so wonderful, you are getting close to finishing. I so love your gorgeous bright colours! Hugs Wendy

  28. I see my name twice! I will send you my info. Your quilt is just wonderful. Love it.

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