Friday, October 25, 2013

My Christmas Items ....

thanks Narelle for encouraging us to make Christmassy things.....

This snowy is from Simply Christmas by Gail Pan

and it will make a nice little door hanger ...

... a happy little fellow...

This year my decorating theme is Simple... but Stylish so I have been working on that

Do you remember those machine embroideries that Bev sent me?

well I made a little hanging decoration with one

and a couple of mug rugz

... one for Hubz ....

... and one for me....

simple..... but stylish - what did I tell you?

these will go in the Heritage box to be handed down for future generations 

I wonder what great grandies will think about us?

also I have the borders on my North Pole quilt.....

I love this one... must sort myself out to get it quilted now and add embelishments ...

... if you need some inspiration... go HERE and see what others have made

Righto, Gotto Go....

... only two months to go.. have you made you wish list? ...


  1. LOVE your North Pole. And your mug rugs and hanger will bring many a chuckle for sure. The snowman is on my list of things to do, he is cute.
    Hugs xx

  2. Wow Fiona love it all...ah yes I remember the pole one LOL!

  3. I like the material you used on the pillow, looks like snow falling. I have the north pole book, just need to make one. Yours came out beautifully and I love the fabrics you used.


  4. Yes, very stylish, lol!! I love your snow man and your north pole quilt, very beautiful, hugs Wendy

  5. I love what you have done with Bev's embroideries and your North Pole quilt is brilliant - love the colours. xx

  6. I absolutely adore your North Pole quilt, I think at long last I am getting into Christmas mode!! Hugs xx

  7. wow Fiona your nth pole is awesome,and love all your decorations,i'd love to be a fly on the wall when your great grand children are hanging up those decorations,lol,well done my friend.xx

  8. Love your Christmas decorations, I really love you North Pole quilt it came out fabulous

  9. Love those mug rugs. :) The hangers are lovely too. North Pole looks fabulous, Hugs,xx

  10. Great projects Fiona. Your door hanger is lovely. Can't wait to see your North Pole all finished.

  11. Ohh your North Pole is looking fabulous!!

  12. lovely little door hanger and your are too cheeky with your festive mug rugs lol.
    Love how your north pole has come together!! all the blues are gorgeous.
    Great job x

  13. You've been a very busy little elf! Love "snowy" and your quilt top looks wonderful! Well done! :)

  14. You will be ready for Christmas unlike myself who has fallen by the wayside with monthly Christmas items.
    Mugs rugs well chosen.

  15. Love your north pole quilt and I'm sure future generations will have a giggle when using those very special mug rugs lol :) Barb.

  16. LOL I think a new trend will be sarted...Love them and your quilt is awesome....

  17. LOL just love what you did with Bev's embroideries....
    Your NP looks great with the borders. Have fun quilting and embellishing it.

  18. Lovely Christmas goodies this month Fiona ... some a little naughty and nice but lots of fun :o)
    Your quilt is looking amazing.

  19. Lovely to see your Christmas projects, even the heritage ones!
    Great to see the North Pole quilt so close to completion. It looks wonderful!

  20. I always enjoy coming by your blog such fun things and now....shame on I want to go home and make Christmas stuff.

  21. Hi Fiona
    You have been Christmas busy!!! Love your little door hanger, and Santa himself is a bit special!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  22. Love the christmas decorations, great fun and I'm sure the santa's will bring smiles from everyone.

  23. What a great North Pole quilt, love your colours! Sweet snowman with a big smile, makes me longing for Christmas :-)

  24. Love your cute little snowy Fiona, and your North Pole is amazing

  25. gorgeous North Pole interpretation. All those blues are perfect with the bright buildings. See you're wishing for a cool Christmas. Hope your wishes come true.

  26. Hello Fiona,

    So glad hubby got a Christmas present. Have fun with your North Pole quilt, Christmas isn't far away, the shops keep filling up with Chrissy stuff, but I haven't seen anything like your mug mats their.

    Happy Monday.

  27. Oh my WOW just check out your North Pole Quilt. It is stunning. hugs

  28. Tehe... love your 'heritage' pieces, they will provide som giggles to future generations! North Pole is a beauty, the bright colours are wonderful, and your little snowman is adorable...

  29. Wow your North Pole quilt looks wonderful, the border works so well :) Lovely little snowy too :) Those heirlooms will explain soo much for the great great grandies, lol

  30. Such a cute snowman ornament and beautiful quilt!
    Santa and Mrs Santa ornaments are so fun :))



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