Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A delivery, an update, and a finish......

You may have gathered that I love food..... and sewing ......

So I was triple happy when I won this lovely gadget on a giveaway on Samelia's Mum ....

a soup maker which was delivered quick smart
I was very excited to give it a try

So.... chop chop - with the vegetables (not even 5 minutes)
pour in some stock

turn on the button (smooth or chunky) - I wanted smooth .... 

15 minutes later.... all done....
I'm serious
.... ALL done ....
fresh hot soup

A quick tasty meal and limited washing up = means more time for stitching

I'm looking for tried and tested yummy soup recipes now
~ another amazing tea towel of mine.... grandieboy Kiegan is our artist in this one ~
(I love it)

Anorina @ Samelia's Mum has a lovely blog... there are always lots of tutorials, fun stories, recipes..
..... oh , and giveaways....

anyways... as I said I do love food and Anorina shared this lovely recipe for Cheese and Herb Muffins HERE....

They go perfectly with my morning cuppa.... or on the side with my fresh home made pumpkin soup

Our little wrens are still flirting around...
I managed to snap this picture and you can see Mr Wren's blue colouring is coming in
(not the best picture but they move so quicksmart)

and of course I must finish off with some sewing

This cute little book that is being put away till October when Grandie#6 joins us

I do love Beatrix Potter so of course I couldn't resist a panel I could sew together 

Brings back memories of sitting on my Grannie's lap listening to her read
I do hope you spend some time in your Happy Place this week
it's SPRING on Thursday


  1. That is amazing to have soup ready that fast , how handy !!The muffins look tasty too , must check those out.I am a huge fan of Beatrix Potter and love the little book for your grandie and I am sure it will be much appreciated . Spring on Thursday means fall is just around the corner for us ,that is both good and bad , we haven't had much of a summer so not really looking forward to the cold so soon . hugs Sheila

  2. 15 min soup! Amazing!
    Gorgeous little book for you new baby. Love Beatrix Potter pictures.

  3. You always make everything look so wonderful and easy! Soup yum and then you give us links too. I love visiting your blog. Have a lovely week. Hugs, Kim

  4. Ahhh.Beatrix Potter. Lovely. Such cute pics in it too.
    That is one neat soup maker, sounds lovely for making a fresh warming lunchtime meal in winter.
    YAY for spring coming !!!!

  5. Fiona what a lovely win,well done,great post

  6. MMm soup is delicious anytime, my current favourite is tomato and lentil.
    The book is very cute and rag books are so durable.
    Lots of blossom around here too.
    Enjoy Spring.

  7. I love soup, that machine looks like an essential item to me. Try broccoli soup with blue cheese, it's my favourite.
    You are so clever to get pics of your wrens, ours are much too shy.

  8. Oh i'm envious of that soup maker. Be perfect today. :) Love those gorgeous wrens. I can never get a photo of them either. Love Beatrix Potter too. Such a cute book. Yay for spring. Hugs,

  9. that soup maker looks great and would be great to use for lunches in the fall and winter... nothing beats home made

  10. Wow, great soupmaker! Love the Beatrix Potter books. I've been trying to take a photo of a crow stealing an orange but I think I'll need to set up the tripod and sneak out as they see me and fly off with their beak stabbed through the orange. Must be because I've spent years hunting them out of the citrus trees!

  11. Oh great, another gadget for me to lust after, lol - that looks like a great one! I don't like pumpkin but your soup looks delish. Darling wrens and really darling Beatrix book! Woohoo, it won't be long until it's needed!

  12. I saw this wonderful soup maker and was very impressed when I read how it worked. It sounds perfect! I am sure there is still plenty of Winter weather left for you to have many soup meals. Enjoy!

  13. http://www.taste.com.au/search-recipes/?q=chorizo+soup&publication=
    Chorizo in soup is my favorite combo this winter and I love this website for recipes.
    Cute book! Happy quilting, Sue SA.

  14. Wonderful prize, Fiona! I have never seen that particular gadget before but could definitely use one! Your homemade pumpkin soup looks so yummy. Perhaps you would share the recipe!?

  15. How fabulous Fiona, what a great prize. I don't think you can go past leek and potato soup and I always love pumpkin with a granny smith apple added at the beginning and a tiny pinch of curry powder.
    So glad you won.

  16. Congrats... and oh I love this softie book.... :D

  17. Hello Fiona,

    Congrats on your win, 15 minutes that is fast. Lovely photo's of your wrens,they are so much fun to watch. Spring, YAY.
    Happy days.

  18. What a great gadget that is- especially how quick the soup is ready- Peter Rabbit just never seems to date , does he...

  19. Oh my! That soup maker looks incredible!! How lucky to win one :) I will have to keep a lookout to see if it is available here :)
    I love Beatrix Potter too... so cute!

  20. Benjamin Bunny was a favourite in our house when my little Ben was a baby! Ah- memories!

  21. Benjamin Bunny was a favourite in our house when my little Ben was a baby! Ah- memories!

  22. Love your new toy Bubz....great post....

  23. Cheers Fiona for reminding me what Thursday is....because it may be your spring but its my AUTUMN!!! I don't want to say goodbye to summer yet, I don't mind Autumn but I don't look forward to the cold cold winter. Love the idea of a soup maker must go and surf the net for that. Hugs.

  24. LOVE the wren snap. I have that little cloth book waiting to be made. It is very cute.

  25. Ha ha I read your soup options as smooth or crunchy! What a cool soup maker...and glad it makes soup smooth or chunky not crunchy!!!

  26. What a great idea the soup maker is! And your cloth book is gorgeous.

  27. I have never seen anything like that soup maker...very cool. And my soul sister...I love Beatrix Potter too!

  28. Wow a great soup maker ...how quick

  29. I have never seen nor heard of the soup maket - it looks amazing...
    Enjoy, Susie


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