Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Repeating FMQ designs.....

I do want to finish off some of those UFO's hiding in the cupboard
somehow they seem to be breeding in there!!!

Some time ago I attended a workshop for a 4 patch Stack and Whack and made this top.....

It is slightly over 60" square and I love the colours in there.... creams and soft blues with a dash of sage green ...

I have pulled it out this week to quilt... so I sandwiched it and pinned using my fantastic pin gadget  and prepared the machine with my beautifully adapted extension table I have been wanting to try out...

I decided on a large feather design that would fit over the size of each 4 block and into the sashing.... the blocks are 8" and the design is 9"....

because I was going to need 16 of the patterns I traced one and then free motion quilted the others on baking paper using the top tracing for a guide......
(an OLD needle and no thread in the needle or the bobbin)

the bottom side is clearer where the needle holes have embossed the baking paper...

quilting pattern attached to the quilt.....

you can see the design quite easily.....

one block quilted......

baking paper is not hard to tear...  especially as the lines have been perforated twice .....

My FMQ stitching is still a little erratic....... (but improving each quilt..... I think.... hmmmm)

seen quite clearly on the back... which is actually a grey blue..... (looks very light in the picture)

The extension on my sewing machine is making a huge difference - SOOOOO much easier to move around

I thought I would show you my quilting gloves.....

right hand.....

left hand......


I am continuing with Helen's Sunday Stitches lessons

although I have done Lazy Daisy (or Detached Chain Stitch) before I hadn't filled them in ...
gives quite a different full look

...  back to the quilting table.... lots more squares to be done....

I hope you find some time to spend in your Happy Place


  1. thankyou Fiona for all that information on FMQ as i am wanting to have a go in a few weeks when things settle down,you have me quite eager to try it now.
    And i really do think you need to invest in new gloves,lol

  2. that quilt is beautiful, you know the colour would get me first off.
    Your quilting is great, you are so clever.
    I think it is definitely time to get new gloves!

  3. Your quilting looks great Fiona. Wish my shoulder allowed me to machine quilt still. Hugs,

  4. Love the colours of your quilt, you are so prolific in your quilt making makes me quite envious, probably shows in the holely gloves(g) Thanks for the tips of fmq seems much easier than transferring direct and risking marking it. As I have never made a full quilt or done much fmq do the gloves make it easier?

  5. That's a great tip on your quilting- your gloves look like they have had a lot of wear! I's amazing how many different patterns you got just by the way you cut the fabric.

  6. Your quilting is looking good! That's a good idea for perforating the paper layers. Thanks for the tip. Love the way it looks on your blocks.

  7. You clever cookie doing your own quilting. The colours in the quilt are delightful, so soft and pretty.

  8. Gorgeous fabric and lovely FMQ.
    Such a clever idea to trace one and then stitch the others all at once ... I'll be trying that for sure!

  9. Lovely quilt and the FMQ is fabulous. You sure do give the gloves a bit of a work out! You chain stitch looks lovely too. I really must get myself some variegated thread.
    I also love your new profile picture.

  10. Love your quilting idea Bubz...LOL I think you should treat yourself to a new set of gloves....

  11. Great quilting - and I love the pretty fabrics!

  12. You're inspiring! I have some tops that I need to get quilted. Maybe soon.....

  13. How clever, I think my sister uses tissue paper....

    Love your stitching, I really need to get over there and do that...thanks

  14. Great quilting gloves! soon in for new ones??
    Good seeing how you have done with that paper pattern.
    The quilt looks super,nice work with the middles :-)

  15. What a great idea! Your quilting gloves look very similar to mine - almost too many holes to be of any help.
    Your embroidery is gorgeous!!

  16. What a neat idea to use the bakers sheet to transfer the pattern , must give that a go soon.Lovely quilt and also the embroidery . hugs Sheila

  17. I have got to try your cool idea!! I need to move on from the stippling and straight stitching. This seems like a great next step for me!!
    I need another extension table also. I do know that helps. My last one got sat on...KIDS!! grrrr......

  18. what a great way to quilt! I must try that....
    after all that lovely quilting I think you should treat yourself some new gloves....
    have a great day!

  19. I think it's unanimous - Fiona for quilting coach!! I can't wait to try out your tip too.. I also love the colors in your quilt..

  20. What a clever idea for making a quilting template. The thought of messing around with pencils or chalk etc kind of puts me off. Hmmm....... might be time for some new gloves..... lol

  21. Have you done so many you plum wore out your I think your stitchin is just lovely...

  22. Your quilting is just gorgeous, girl! Love your stitching too! And boy do you need some new gloves, lol!

  23. Thanks for the mini tute on FMQ patterns, I am definately going to try that...and my FMQ is awful, but they keep telling me to practise, practise, practise. I have tried lots of quilting gloves by my absolute favorites are the Ansell Hyflex gloves...from the supermarket! Happy quilting Sue SA

  24. Your quilt is looking lovely, the colours are beautiful. What a great tip for quilting, you are very clever!

  25. I have never seen this quilting technique. Your quilt is gorgeous.

  26. Congrats on getting your own quilting done. Your gloves look like my gardening gloves.
    Happy days.

  27. That's a beautiful quilt. I have always loved the Stack and Whack designs. So fun. As for your funny!!!
    xx, shell

  28. I think your gloves might need replacing soon. I will try your method someday. I am not good at FMQ at all.

  29. Thanks for the quilting pattern tip...always good to see different methods...oh you poor quilting gloves, time for their retirement!


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