Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bitsa this .... bitsa that......

I haven't done an update on the pincushions for a while... most of them are 'home' now.... and I wanted to show you a few recent homecomings....  I have linked to the 'owners' posts so it would be great if you can visit and read about them.....

Sue's  pretty base..... Sue explains where the pincushion has been

with a detailed picture on her blog....

Janet's base:
travelled slow due to postal strikes...

there are a few more which are on it's way home..... update later....

These pincushions started as a base and then went to various countries for a little bit to be added each time.... they had great adventures and we end up with an amazing pincushion .... or whatever we choose to make....


Now I was lucky enough to recieve a block this week.... look at my lovely Christmas Tree from Larain and she added some very pretty Christmas tree fabric..... which I'm dreaming about what to do with.... hmmmm

Don't you love all those parcels under the tree?

and my regional postcard from Yukon Territory..... Janet really does get bears in her backyard... look at this post - amazing.... and I love the postcard.. with the squirrel and a beautiful stitched bush.... thanks Janet... fun swap

Sheila is thinking about doing a 'tutorial' on how she does landscape cards and organising a postcard swap..... go HERE to read more and let Sheila know if you'd like to join in (will be in September sometime)

and just so you know I have not been sitting idle... prep work for Block 2 of Butterfly Garden....
.. only took 3 evenings to stitch that one block - but oh so effective

Although this morning was a bit chilly I had to sit on the veranda for coffee and watch these amusing galah's.... there were 13 of them at one time... and they do perform wonderfully..... 

So I sat in the sun with my coffee and this sampler I am learning on....

welovefrenchknots is a lovely blog .... always fun to read and Bari J is teaching us through video's, guest artists and stitchery designs....  I am presently working on the bullion roses..... and am so impressed I can do them thanks to the video lesson...

Hoping your week is happy....


  1. Hi Fiona, Hope you have a wonderful week too. Such a lot of fabulous stitching on your post today. I love reading Janet's blog - she certainly gets different wildlife in her garden than me - I saw the bear photo too.

  2. Hi Fiona, I am doing the sampler too! I have never done Feather stitch or Bullion roses it's a really good way to learn isn't it. Linda x

  3. We have flocks of galahs here too....they are very amusing!

  4. I really have enjoyed watching those pincushions grow. Wonderful work from all involved.
    I am also enjoying seeing your progress with Butterfly garden. Looking good!!
    I think these galahs are travelling around the country having fun at all our houses. They are regular visitors here, too.
    Thanks for sharing all your great projects.

  5. You certainly have alot of fun going on over there....your projects are just awesome!

  6. You are one busy person! Your Butterfly Garden is looking amazing! And your stitchery sampler is wonderful - what a great way to learn different stitches.
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pincushions and the great blocks you received.
    Those birds must be so fun to watch - sure wish we had some around here.

  7. The pincushions are jst gorgeous. Was lucky enough to see a few in the flesh when Sue was working on them.
    It is nice to sit and watch the natives at play. I have some Black Cockatoos around here lately.

  8. Loved reading your I"m going to check out the links.
    Mama Bear

  9. Oh so many lovely things to look at on this post I am going to have to keep going back to look at all the gorgeousness of them all as well as the links!

  10. I've printed that WeLoveFrenchKnots design on fabric but haven't time to start yet. It will be a great learning experience!

    I am in love with all those pincushions and postcards. I will go check out her blog...

  11. I can see why that stitching took 3 evenings! Your needleturn is looking lovely.
    A lovely Christmas tree block, they are going to look super all together.
    Love that sampler! Yours is looking fabulous. So neat.
    It's a great website thanks for the link.

  12. How busy you've been and your needleturn is looking great. I'm still planning to stitch up my pin cushion before too long.

  13. I have loved your pincushions journeys...they have turned out so beautifully. Your needleturn is coming a long a treat. Well done! You have got a lot of stitching going on the galahs!

  14. Such beautiful pieces and you have done so much wonderful work yourself this week. Love those birds and the feeder set up, nice idea. I have mine hanging in a tree, so I don't get to see the birds too well.


  15. So many beautiful projects on your post, I love the pincushions and your butterfly garden is looking wonderful.

  16. I adore your Butterfly Garden, and love to see new posts on it. The sampler looks wonderful too, I'm off to check out that site!

  17. You've been busy Fiona! I am so enjoying seeing all those detailed pincushion tops. They have so much character. I love all the little animals depicted on them. They remind me of storybooks!

    The Butterfly garden block 2 looks very intriguing. Did you post about it? Darn it, I must have missed the first one!!!

    Well have a great weekend!

  18. Those pincushions are incredible, it has been great learning about their journeys.. You certainly have been so busy..

  19. Love the sampler - it would be a good one to do with Elizabeth... I've been meaning to make one with her for a while now..

  20. I love the sampler!!! Thanks for sharing the link - I'm off to check it out..

    Jodie :)

  21. Hi Fiona
    loved visiting your blog,the pincushions look great, so many things to see and do. hugs Lyn

  22. Wow, you can watch them while drinking coffee? That must be so relaxing. I really should go out and sit in my back yard from time to time, but I never do...


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