Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another story ......

This is a great idea to quickly run up a pair of comfy stretch pants for a little person....

I'll show you ... in the form of a story....

Once upon a time .... a little while after Mrs Bubz was so upset at the misery of littlebluetshirt (story found HERE)  a Widget came to stay with Mrs Bubz and her Hubz .....

....... now there is lots of grubby things to do at Mrs Bubz and her Hubz's house....
........... like play in the shed with Pops
... and dig in the garden
... and feed the worms in the worm farm
...... and chase the dog round and round
.... and splash in the bird bath
...... and generally get filthy and run out of clothes......

.... luckily ... Mrs Bubz hadn't gone to the Op shop yet and thought maybe she could run up a comfy pair of pants......

......... it was amazing -  the T shirts jumped and yelled saying "pick me... pick me"  "We would just love to be Widget's pants"

.... well Widget and Mrs Bubz laughed at MrBrownTshirt he was so excited (good for playing in the dirt)
so Mrs Bubz dug out an old pattern.... and altered the size a bit.....

 the bottom of the MrBrownTshirt was exactly right for the hems of the trouser legs....

two legs easily cut out...... MrBrownTshirt sighed with pleasure ....

.... "Whizz" went OscartheOverlocker..... Whizz.... Whizz....
"Whee" ... called out MrBrownTshirt.......

........... and soon all that was needed was to fold the top and add some elastic .....

..... well.....

MrBrownTshirts sigh of pleasure suddenly changed.....

"Mrs Bubz" he shouted...... "What have you done?"

 "I have never, ever seen anyone with two bottoms on one leg and two fronts on the other leg ......."

"You silly, silly old woman"

...well.... there was not much Mrs Bubz could say about that except nod her head in agreement.....
..... and that is the end of that story.....

except to add MrNavyBlueTshirt offerred to help out and now there is a pair of proper fitting pants for garden work..... hmmmmmm
Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it…Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

perhaps I should stick to stitching...

does anybody else do this sort of thing????
 I am hoping I am not alone out here????


  1. Yes, I can tell a story of a friend who I gave a pattern for a babies jump suit to. Now she had seen mine and the press studs down the front to the feet. When she bought hers over it looked great , beautiful in fact only there was no way for the baby to get into it her little serger worked overtime and sewed up the front seams as well.

  2. Oh haven't we all sewn something on backwards, upside down or inside out...nope you are so not alone there!
    Those t-shirts are certainly having all sorts of adventures...they may never make it back to the Op Shop at all...

  3. I used to have great fun stitching stretchy stuff for tshirts and trackies when the boys were little. Been awhile so I am sure I would make something back to front, I don't check the pattern till I make a mistake.

  4. lol,Fiona you are a great story teller,lol i always enjoy my visit here.

  5. I think these are great. I need to find a pattern and some old Ts. It seems like everytime the GK are over we run out of clothes and they love to sew with me.....

  6. Loved your clever and the pants looked pretty good too.

  7. Thank you for the laughter your wonderful story gave me- I think we would all have stories to tell about 'disasters' but not be able to express them in the fun way that you have-

  8. Yes! It's a bit like exercise- it's just getting out the door that's the hard part!

  9. Very ingenious!!! Love the story telling. And yes, everyone has done something very similar - how do you think we become so good with our unpickers???

  10. Oh dear Fiona, thanks for the laugh this morning, I'm sure I must have done something like that in the past, certainly have done some strange things recently... ;-)

  11. ROFL - yep, I managed to mess up pajama pants, pretty much the same way! What a great idea though!

  12. Oh! How funny and cute! Have a happy day. Hugs, Kim

  13. Now here is a childrens book just waiting to be written , great story and I think we have all been there .Good you had an extra T shirt to sort that problem out . Thanks for the great story.

  14. Oh, and things were going so well.... LOL
    I can laugh cuz I did the same thing when garment sewing years ago. But you have a great idea there using the t-shirts.

  15. If it involves a sewing machine and a pattern you can be sure I ahve done it exactly how it was never meant to be....that's why I stick to a needle and thread. LOL!
    Loved the story!

  16. Roflmao! Been there, done that!
    Have also cut out pull on pants that were meant to have patterned fronts and plain backs but as I had to cut pieces out individually guess who cut out a back and a front of patterned material and didn't have enough patterned material to correct the mistake?? The child decided they liked the thought of 'clown pants', as they called them, so I stitched them up and they became pyjama bottoms :). Thank goodness for kids with a sense of humour.

  17. LOL--and that is why I never ever sew clothes. I'll stick to quilts thank you!

  18. You so should write a childrens book Fiona.. I am still laughing.. what did little widget think?


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