Saturday, August 6, 2011

The story of the Little T shirts.....

Once upon a time Mrs Bubz thought about doing good to the whole earth and recycle T shirts.... so she faithfully visited Op Shops and bought some poor orphan Tshirts for nice cheap cheap prices....

.... soon she had a whole drawer full of them....

and they sat... and sat... and sat .... in the drawer....

totally ignored ... miserable... and they thought they were better off in the Op Shop where at least people came by occasionally and had a look at them.....

one day Jenny of Elefantz - a kind fairy godmother in blogland
waved her magic wand and called out for fellow bloggers to find forgotten T shirts

and give them their freedom by making them into something wonderful

so Mrs Bubz went to ThedraweroflotsofforgottenTshirts

"PICK ME, PICK ME" they all shouted out....

well PrettyLittleRedTshirt was so excited that it almost turned purple so Mrs Bubz took her out and folded and sliced....

snipped and snipped

and miraculously PrettylittleRedTshirt turned into a long long length of yarn.....

Mrs Bubz rolled and rolled and soon there was a nice ball ....

"But you are too thick and strong for my knitting needles" said Mrs Bubz and put her in a bag.....

So LittleBlueTshirt was rolled and sliced and snipped and rolled until she was just right

and the knitting begun

"Oh my, Oh my" said LittleBlueTshirt

"You have made me so ugly - there is nothing I am good for"

"Nonsense" said Mrs Bubz

"My Mr HotPot would love to sit on you when he is full of soup"

"This life is miserable" said LittleBlueTShirt

"Well" said Mrs Bubz... "all the rest of the T shirts can go back to the OpShop instead of sitting and complaining in my draw......"

And Mrs Bubz packed them up in a bag and they are ready to go.

and that is the end of this story

I would love you to visit the Kindfairygodmother of blogland and join in the T shirt Challenge.... Jenny has made a beautiful cushion HERE 

but I warn you... once you go and visit the kind fairy godmother of blogland you will want to stay a long, long time...
maybe forever after........


  1. lol! I think some of my projects lament their uglyness to me too :) But the blue tshirt looks cute reformed :)

  2. Oh my goodness my tshirts talked to me the other day too. I didn't even discuss the options with them, they're waiting in a bag too.

  3. About time this week I had a good laugh. I was beginning to feel sorry for all those poor t-shirts but now I guess they will all be happy again.
    Thanks for sharing their story.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  4. Oh No!! What happened to little red t-shirt...I hope it was a happy ending. Linda x

  5. what a lovely fairy story, and the moral of the story.....
    If someone has gone to a lot of effort for you don't whinge or you'll end up at the charity bin!

    You are a cracker Fiona.

  6. Loved reading your post and yes I also have a bag of T-shirts that shruck so of to the oppy they go.

  7. What a great idea Fiona. Love your story. Hugs,

  8. Brilliant story thanks for the laugh

  9. Oh dear, poor blue t-shirt. It's a shame he's unhappy as I think your potholder is a great idea! I'm saving a pile of tshirts to make a t-shirt yarn crochet rug. I don't care if they're unhappy or not!!

  10. I think the little blue t-shirt looks jolly and shouldn't be sad at all. It is very noble to be a potholder I'm sure. He should know that all those t-shirts going back to the op shop are jealous.

  11. Just found your Blog and enjoyed my visit

  12. I think you did a great job. Another thing you could do is crochet a trim to go around the collar. Or flowers to put down the front of the shirt. I've seen other bloggers doing that with plain t-shirts and they come out looking beautiful! Have a great day! Tammy

  13. Cute post...I think you should try again!! Or crochet a rug from them.

  14. what a great fairy tale! i read and chuckled, while drinking my morning tea, of course!

  15. Good story, and a great plan for the t-shirts. Why not take shorter lengths of another colour, a big-eyed needle and cross stitch a little design in a corner? or even a simple lazy daisy stitch flower?
    I also like Barb's idea of a rug, or coasters. They'd be great for outdoor use or camping (in a camper)
    Don't give up too soon.
    Gerda in Alberta, Canada

  16. Too cute! Little Blue is always going to be 'a little Blue' whether he is a T-shirt or a hot pad....grin.

  17. Years ago, I got in on the rag rug craze and I still have my needle. We crocheted strips into rugs. It was sure hard on ones hands.
    Mama Bear

  18. Love your T shirts tale! Wish it had a happy ending though. I'm really worried about the blue recycled one being lonely for ever and ever when you take his pals back to the store. Sorry but you'll just have to knit him a little friend to keep him company!

  19. You are a wonderful story teller, and I think the little blue t shirt looks great!

  20. LittleBlueTshirt should be happy 'coz now he is out and about and not stuck in a drawer all day...and he has a Purpose...clever recycling but yes, what about PrettyLittleRedTshirt?

  21. Well, t-shirt should be very happy because Fairy Godmother Jenny was saying that no one entered her t-shirt now there is one entry!! and a useful one at that ;)

  22. Blue t-shirt should be happy to be a potholder because as soon as I can find a huge crochet hook to buy it's relatives here are becoming a rainbow door mat! Meanwhile I think I'll have to think of something else to do for the t-shirt challenge.

  23. Very good idea, alot of work but what a wonderful story! Have a happy Sunday. hugs, Kim

  24. Oh Fiona- you crack me up - this post was too funny!!! I've tried to make yarn from t-shirts, and then crochet it, OH my hands still haven't recovered, lol! It is hard to do! I think your hot pad turned out beautifully, hon!

  25. Ahhh Fiona, I loved your post....hmmm think I have some mens tie's lingering in the stash originally from the oppie shop...Hugs Lyn

  26. Why are T shirts called T shirts ?

  27. lol,gee you are a character ,lol

  28. So, I see you did post about the Op Shop T-shirts after all! And it was a wonderful story. You should write some children's books, really have a knack for it! And I think the hot pot pad that LittleBlueTShirt turned into is delightful...she should be thrilled! :o)



  29. Hello Fiona,

    I think the op-shop bins are going to be full now. I crocheted a mat similar to yours from a Indian cotton skirt many years ago and made some cotton balls. I hope you have started a revoloution here.
    Happy days.

  30. Still laughing too much to comment properly Fi!!....

  31. What a great post Fiona!!! I think the little blue t-shirt was very ungrateful!!

  32. what a great story!! and good work to return the others to the store! less complaining in the drawer is always good ;)

  33. That's a great tale- I have some 'treasures' in my drawers that I wonder if they will ever see the light of day- might need to follow your example too!!

  34. I like the little blue hot pad.

    My daughter saved t-shirts and cut them into strips and made big balls of "yarn" and tried to crochet a rug. It didn't work so great. She ripped it all out and there the balls sit in a bag. Maybe this kind of project would work better.

  35. I think your potholder is very cute! and I of course love the fact that this was once a little blue t-shirt! :)


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