Thursday, September 1, 2011

Liquorish allsorts....... colourful and different


My pincushion arrived from Nova Scotia this week..... it has been having happy travels and visiting folk from all over the world... thanks Val, Sandi, Sheila and DeeDee...
.. it is such a wonderful work of art......and full of things I love .... 

see the little pink flap window?

with a special surprise underneath..... cute huh?
and the lizard... and the dragonfly... and the flowers... and the embroidery.... oh I could go on and on

Melody's also arrived back to her place..... look at her lovely one - such a lot of detail .... and you can read more about it HERE

just a couple more to find their way home...


I thought I would have a look at what the fuss was about

I see so many things in blogland and on the internet that I love... and I seem to be building up a notebook of scrappy notes for reference... which is not terribly convenient... or user friendly....

Pinterest is building up boards of those things I love... recipies (only easy peasy ones!!) inspirational pictures, sewing and patterns of things I really really want to make....

I'm not sure how it all works and how else I would use it ...  but it is a fantastic easy reference for my own use..... and very easy to 'pin' (I have to have easy)
- it automatically references back to where you pin from.... no copy/paste of the url.....

I'm still learning... any tips?

You can see what I have done HERE or link through the logo on my sidebar....  if you are pinterested...... (couldn't resist that one)


(well, I'm ready for my pressies....)

This little stocking is a joint effort... a friend of mine did the Cross Stitch and I have made it up - lined and corded
.... isn't this the cutest stocking... it is 10" tall and 7" long at the foot ....

There is a Rainbow Lorikeet - one of my favourites and regular visitors to my garden....

Little person Roo has a kangaroo in the pocket.....

and look at the little butterfly on the flowers.....

(this stocking would probably suit a grandiechild... tough... I'm keeping it!)
just the right size for hubz to fill with special treats for ME.....


I am playing with this....

It's a Secret Spring Swap for ****** from *********
(hint.... she has a blog)


  1. your pin cushion looks fantastic, as does Melody's.
    Super Christmas stocking!
    It is so cute.
    those leaf shapes are very interesting?

  2. It still grabs my attention when the seasons are mentioned by you Southern Hemisphere folks! You're headed into Spring; I'm headed into Fall. In the webisphere its easy to think of everyone's environment as being the same. I'm glad that's not the case! Its infinitely more interesting this way. Enjoy your change of seasons and I will, too!


  3. So glad the pincushion found its way back home and Melody's is a lovely too . Now that is a sweet stocking , too cute!

  4. lovely post Fiona and i love the secret door on the pin cushion and the xmas stocking is just adorable and a lot of work has gone into it,and what a tease with your swap pic ,lol.

  5. Your pincushion is just gorgeous. I am only sad I did not join in.
    You have been a busy lady.
    Not doing this Pintrest. Spend too much time on this macine now. LOL

  6. What a great post. I love my pin cushion and your is wonderful too. This was a great Sew-a-Long. Thank you so much for organising it.
    That little Christmas stocking is one of the cutest things, I've ever seen.

  7. Love the pincushions, and the hidden window is such a clever idea. What a cute stocking and something so different, love it.


  8. Your pincushion is beautiful as is Melody's. The stocking is so cute. Hugs,

  9. I love those pin cute to put pins in though. I too am glad Spring has made an appearance.

  10. Ha! "She has a blog" is hardly a hint! The pincushion is so fantastic. That was a really fun round robin. Love your stocking too. The characters are so out of keeping with what we usually see on stockings, but so cute and very Christmasy.

  11. What an adorable pincushion! Like the stocking also. Can't believe you are entering spring. Fall will soon be upon us. In fact,as I listened to tree leaves blowing in the wind this afternoon, they certainly seemed to have that fall rustling sound. Glad you're out of winter---almost! Nola

  12. those pin cushions are so neat!

    I have seen so much about pininterest but I really don't want to learn yet another computer thing! I have so many things saved in bookmarks I know if I took time to learn it things would be easier.

  13. I am still enjoying seeing these pin cushions- they are so wonderful ( and well travelled!).
    I have been tempted with Pinterest, too. It looks like a great idea but I haven't quite taken the step, yet.
    You may have just swayed me by saying that it references where you pin from. Great idea!

  14. I just love visiting here...never heard of pinterest.
    Mama Bear

  15. Up here north we have our first day of Autumn today,Thursday. Great that is,I love September. Lovely posts,Fiona,glad if you remember your Granny reading for you,as so do I for my little ones of 8 and 6 years :-)
    Happy Quilting to you!

  16. Amazing detail on the pincushions. They're gorgeous.

  17. That cute pins, which are well done
    A big hug from Costa Rica,
    Zuly Castillo U.

  18. Love the cushions..they are all so pretty all done up ... yours have traveled the world wide and far...:D

  19. The pincushions look lovely. I found the pinboard site from looking at Sunday Stitching samples. I tried to think how I could make use of it but I decided I didn't want another place to collect things. The cross stitch is cute. Beautifully done and nicely made up.

  20. I can't believe how many things you have managed to do since I last visited!! The cross stitch stocking is gorgeous as are the pincushions.. we are very lucky that you showed them to us..


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